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The Same Night
National Police Station
Kirizaya POV

I was walking towards (Y/N)'s cell when I saw a girl with brown hair and purple eyes was waiting in front of a room.

She noticed that I was looking at her and she looked at me.

Aiko: Kirizaya.

Me: Yo.

Well, she was my cousin. Of course I know her.

Me:*stops walking* Are you here to visit (Y/N) too?

Aiko: I don't think he wants to see me.

Me: Hmm? I thought the problem has been resolved?

Aiko: Something else happened.

Me: I see. Well, see ya.

Aiko: Hmph.

I continued walking with Ai.

We then stopped in front of a door. There was a guard standing in front of the door.

I showed him my hero license and he opened the door for me.

Me: Ai-san.

Ai: Yes, sir.

She take out a paper and wrote something on it.

She then gave the paper to the guard.

Ai: Ask Nakamura-kun to hold this when he's in the room.

Guard: Yes, ma'am.

He left us and we entered the room. I took a seat and waited for (Y/N) to enter the room in front of me.

After a few minutes, (Y/N) finally entered the room and sat in front of me. The guard who escorted him left we alone.

(Y/N) showed me the paper the same paper Ai gave to the guard with face full of question.

"You can communicate normally".

Me: It means as long as you hold the paper, you can talk normally. It's Ai-san's quirk.

 It's Ai-san's quirk

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Name: Ai Rinka.

Occupation: No. 8 Hero, Shinigami's secretary.


Hawks (His boss's boss).

Ari Todoroki (His boss's sister. Future sister-in-law).

Kirizaya Todoroki (Boss. Fiance).

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