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Tris' POV
I don't know what to do when Tobias enters our room. I hear him gently close the door behind him, yet he doesn't sit next to me. "Tris?" he asks softly. Once again, tears prick my eyes. I ignore him. Tobias sighs but doesn't move. "Tris, come on. What's wrong?" Again I stay silent. If I speak now I will drown in a puddle of my own tears and I will become a mess. It's easier to stay quiet. "Don't tell me you bashed Peter up for no reason." I smile faintly, hearing slight amusement in his voice. Is he proud of me? I sigh. "You'll hate me." I squeak. I hear Tobias sigh and sit next to me. "Why would I do that? I love you Tris." A single tear rolls down my cheek as I sit up and face him. "I love you too Tobias." He smiles at his name. I look down at my hands which are dusted in Peter's blood. Lovely. I gulp and try to stay calm. "Please just let me talk." I say quietly. Tobias nods. "Of course, go on."
"Well, um, it has to do with last night. At the club. You were at the same one. Peter was there too. The girls and I had gotten drunk, then I lost them. I was just walking around when I saw you. Another girl was kissing you and I got really angry. Then Peter c-came and ju-just," I sigh and calm down. My voice was breaking really badly. "He kissed me. I kissed back because I was angry at you for doing nothing! He tried to go further and eventually I stopped him. I feel so stupid!" I burst into tears. It might not seem so bad. But to me, this is the end of the world. I hear Tobias move on the bed to get closer to me before wrapping his muscular arms around me. I frown. "Y-you're not mad?"
"How can I be Tris? I couldn't be mad with you, ever. Well, stay mad at you. I understand that you were drunk and whatever. Yes, a girl did kiss me. I pushed her off though. I didn't think you saw. Personally, I blame Peter." I nod and ignore the anger he injected in Peter's name. God, I don't deserve Tobias. Not at all. "Don't say that Tris." I look up, confused. He laughs. "Thinking out loud."
"Oh." I blush and Tobias pecks my cheek. I smile at him. "I love you Tris."
"And I love you. Thank you for not getting angry." That's how we spend that day basically. We cuddle together, either of us only moving to get food. How do I deserve Tobias?

The next day, before work, I call each of the girls. As I thought Chris is all good. Will didn't even see her that night. Lynn has shut herself out from everyone. Literally. I tried her five times. And she changed her voicemail to, "Don't bother leaving a message, I don't give a shit. Leave me alone." Powerful huh? Mar is still a bit shaken by it but fine really. She's just confused I think. Uriah doesn't care. I do feel bad for Shauna though. Her and Zeke have had a massive fight. She moved in with her mum and Zeke's living with Uriah. I feel terrible. For now, the wedding's off. Christina's devastated! We all are.

I don't pay attention honestly during the morning. I just do what I'm supposed to do. Thank goodness for Tobias. At lunch we go the the cafeteria and get burgers. We meet Will and Chris there. Eventually Uriah and Mar come. No Shauna, Zeke or Lynn. Not a surprise really. We make small talk when Shauna appears. Her mascara is smudged. She sits next to me and doesn't look at anyone, particularly Uriah. "Hey, don't be mad at me. My bro-"
"Yeah, your brother's an idiotic dick. I know." We all stare at Shauna in shock. What? She's never been this angry. Ever. "Oh thanks." Zeke sits next to Uriah, opposite Mar, and glares at Shauna. She scoffs. "Nice of you to join us, Mr Cheat. Say, where's your new slut that you picked up at the club. Cheat on her too?"
"Oh get over yourself Shauna. At least she can actually care for me and is actually smart."
"I'm sorry!...." I zone out and stare at everyone else in utter shock. What the heck is happening. So much for love. The arguing goes on until Uriah calls it. "Shut up! Geez, you two are mad we get it. Don't make us watch!" Shauna stands up and walks away, not saying a word. Zeke walks the other way. When they leave we all stare at each other. "Um, should we..."
"But if-"
"I'm with Will, no."
"It's only fair-"
"To let them eat each other."
"Really Uriah?" We debate the topic for ages. Eventually the verdict is out, we will not interfere with their love life. Christina looks as though she will cry. "What about the dresses? The venue? The best party ever? The gold and white and black and pink? My hard work gone! I don't even get to be a bridesmaid!" I awkwardly comfort Christina. Yep, still a drama queen. Will glances at her uncomfortably. "Remind me to NEVER call off our wedding."
"Don't even." Chris glares at him.

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