Kabuto Yakushi

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I got my inspiration from a video which you can find in Media.

You were a young princess of a rich kingdom. You had always been sweet, kind and nice. Everybody in the kingdom liked you. Then, around the age of 8, your parents had passed away. Ever since then, you ruled the kingdom, all on your ow. Your kindness faded away in your lonely life. You had to live alone, with only one loyal servant. He would always stay at your side. His name was Kabuto Yakushi. He had known the nice you, before you became bitter, mean and cruel. That was the you now. Almost a monster. Suddenly, you also started to demand money from your people, which wasn't like you. Kabuto had fallen in love with the younger you, being happy and kind at the time.

However, your turn to cruelty didn't change his feelings for you. He still loved you. He would do anything to make you happy. Literally anything. If it brought a smile on your face, even a wicked one, he'd make sure it happened. He would even resort to the evil for you. His love for you was very strong and clear, but you never seemed to have noticed that. Your eyes, instead, had fallen on a young, handsome prince in a neighboring country. The prince's name was Sasuke Uchiha. You had asked him to marry you, as you wanted that very bad. He refused it. The reason for that? He had fallen in love with a pink-haired girl named Sakura Haruno from the Country of Flowers.

You were completely furious when you heard that. "KABUTO!" you shouted loudly. He, of course, heard it and went to you. "You asked for me, my lady?" he said. "Yes, I want you to take the best soldiers you can find. Take them to the Country of Flowers. Make them kill every single girl, young or old, with pink hair." you said. The thing was, almost every girl in the Country of Flowers had pink hair. This meant a blood bath. "I don't care how much money it will cost or how long the war will last! MAKE IT HAPPEN!" Kabuto was a bit taken back by the hatred in your eyes and voice. It sadened him to see you like this.

Nonetheless, he did what you had asked him to do. The Country of Flowers was invaded by your soldiers. They completely destroyed it and killed, just like you had ordered, every pink haired woman they saw. The pain and trouble the war caused everyone didn't seem to get to you. It was like you've become completely feelingless. When Kabuto came back to report you about the victory, he saw something that broke his heart. The once so sweet and bright girl had become a cruel monster with a thirst of blood. Meanwhile, the citizens were tired of your cruelty. They were seeking revenge. And so did Sasuke Uchiha.

The prince was furious at you for taking his beloved Sakura away form him. The purple maiden, Hinata Hyuga, went over to the prince and told him that she would help him capture the monster that ruled the kingdom. The citizens joined her and Sasuke in order to try and capture you. Even your own army joined in. But all of them were tired because of the war that had just ended so they failed. Later on, the purple maiden slipped past the guards and managed to capture you. At least, so she thought. As soon as she intruded the castle, Kabut had used a transformation to make him look like you. He then ordered you to wear a disguise and hide before letting himself getting captured.

A few weeks later, it was time for the execution of the 'princess'. A big crowd gather, and you were among them. When they cut Kabuto's head off, therefor ending his life, you started crying. It was only then you realised you had feelings for him. But it was too late now. He would never be able to return. You ran. You kept running for a long time, not really a goal of where to go. You just needed to get away. Tears kept rolling down your cheeks as you were sadened by the fate of the only person that had really loved you.

A few years later, you sat on a beach, watching the water. You held a bottle in your hand with a piece of paper in it. A wish. The wish to be with Kabut once again. To do it all over again and have him live instead of sacrificing himself. It was said that if you threw a bottle with a wish in it in the water, it would come true one day. You pulled up your dress a bit and walked into the water. You felt the cold water flow and it somehow calmed you down. With tears in your eyes, you thought about Kabuto before throwing the bottle in the water. "Please, let my wish come true." you whispered. After that, you couldn't hold it anymore. You fell onto your hands and knees in the water and cried and cried.

You regretted everything you had done. You regretted becoming cruel. You regretted falling in love with Sasuke Uchiha. You regretted the war with the Country of Flowers. You regretted denying your feelings towards Kabuto. But most of all, you regretted letting him die. If you could only go back. If you could only make it right. Even if it was just to die instead of him, it would make you feel so much better. But sadly, that was impossible. You were so caught up in your sadness, you didn't notice a blonde girl coming up behind you. She was from the Country of Flowers and came to avenge Sakura.

Ino was blonde and so the soldiers didn't kill her. But she did witness her friend dying and decided to do something about it. She held a dagger and raised it up before stabbing it in your back. Ino then ran away, leaving you there. You knew this is what you deserved so you didn't do anyting about it. You started to bleed to your death and the waves took your dead body with them. SOmehow, your death meant your peace. "(Y/N)." a soft, familiar voice said. "K-Kabuto?" you stuttered. The image of the one you loved came into view. He smiled at you. "You decided to follow me, huh?"

Even though you weren't alive anymore and you would never be able to forget the pain you caused. But you knew you had paid for your mistakes with your lives and you were reunited with Kabuto, the one you truly loved and he loved you as well. He told you, he would do it all over again. Now, if people talked about you, they said "She was really the daughter of evil. And he was the servant of evil." 

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