Kiba Inuzuka x reader - Don't Blame It On Me

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"It's all your fault, (Y/N)!" the Inuzuka shouted angrily. "My fault?! If you had kept Akamaru out of my room, none of this would've happened!" You couldn't believe Kiba, blaming you for what had happened. The reason the two of you were fighting? Akamaru. The dog had gone into your room, even though you had made it very clear to Kiba he wasn't allowed to. Nobody was. Only you. As a medical nin, specialized in poisoning, you had samples of different kinds of poison on your desk. You were researching it, trying to find an antidote for them. Most likely, they would be used in battle for a quick heal. The poison samples was the reason that nobody was allowed to enter your room. You were afraid someone would accidently get poisoned.

Kiba often came to your house to pick up something for Hana, his sister. You didn't mind that he came instead of her, but she would like it if he wouldn't be so bothersome sometimes. He often kept you from your work, which caused you to work late. And that meant less sleep and you defiantly needed your sleep. The reason he was here now was the same as usual, to pick up something for Hana. For just a few moments, Kiba had been distracted by something and din't pay any attention to Akamaru. He hadn't noticed his dog was gone. Akamaru had come to your room and had come a bit too close to the poison. Which meant he had licked it one of the poison samples, thinking it was something tasty.

The poison was currently spreading trough the body of Akamaru. "You know what, Kiba? I don't have time for this! I need to make an antidote for your dog if you wish for him to keep on living! I'm certainly not going to let him die so swallow your pride and leave this discussion." you said before going to your room and use what was left of the poison to make an antidote. You furiously haped that you would be able to make it in time. Poison could spread pretty fast, and it being a new poison, you didn't know how fast it was. It sort of stressed you out. Even though it wasn't even your fault, you didn't plan on letting Akamaru die.

Whil you were busy with making the antidote and stressing out about it, Kiba stayed with Akamaru. Hana came int oth ehouse to see what took her little brother so long. It wasn't unusual that Kiba stayed away for a while when he came to visit you, but normally he would be home by now. She immediatly noticed Akamaru and knew something was wrong. "What happened to him?" she asked with a worried voice. The young Inuzuka sighed and explained what happened. He felt ashamed as he knew it was his fault this was happening. Even more shame came when he realised he had blamed you for this all. He was a horrible owner.

"Now you have to explain me one thing." Hana said. "How did you manage to lose sight of Akamaru. The bloody dog is almost as big as you are!" Kiba looked at his feet. He knew why, but he didn't dare to tell her. But Hana had this kind of look that made him say everything. It worked every time. "I was staring at (Y/N) ..." he admitted awkwardly. Hana sighed. "Well, now I know why always offer to come here to get my stuff for me." she stated. Her little brother had a little crush on you. She stayed with him a little longer before making some tea and bringing you a cup, just to help you relax a bit on your work.

"How is it going?" Hana asked you. You shook your head and sighed. "I don't know if I'll get it done in time. Akamaru didn't leave a lot of poison so it's hard and I can't fail, else it's lost or Akamaru dies. I don't want that to happen. I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere." you said. Hana placed a hand on your shoulder. "(Y/N), you're the best at making antidotes. If someone can do it, it's you. Drink some tea, calm down a bit. I have faith in you and so does Kiba." she said. That did make you feel better. More than you would expect. Especially when she had added the last sentence.

Hana went back to her brother, giving him some tea as well. He, of course, didn't drink any of it. Akamaru was priority now. Kiba was sitting against the wall next to your room's door. Akamaru was resting his head on his lap and Kiba petted him. He surely hoped his buddy would be alright. "I got it!" you exclaimed before rushing out of your room and going to Akamaru. "Hold him still." you ordered Kiba, who did what you asked for. You kneeled down next to the dog and injected him with the antidote you had just finished. "He should be able to walk in about half an hour." you informed.

You were right. Half an hour later, Akamaru was able to get up and walk around and about an hour later, Akamaru was back to his old self and completely healthy as well. Your antidote had been perfect. It was now pretty late and all three of you were pretty tired. Hana got up and went home, but Kiba wanted to say something first. He turned to you. "I'm sorry for blaming you... and thank you for helping Akamaru." he said. You smiled. "Kiba, I would never let Akamaru die and you know that!" you scolded. "But you're welcome." He chuckeld a little before hugging you. You gladly accepted his hug. It was warm. You liked hugging Kiba as you had a crush on him.

He then looked you straight in the eyes, leaned in and kissed you. You were surprised but didn't waste any time and kissed him back. You pulled back and yawned. So did Kiba. It was too far for Kiba to go home, so you both sat down on your couch. He laid your head on him and fell asleep. You did too, smiling as you were cuddling with him.

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