Hidan x reader - Memories

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It was calm at the Akatsuki's hideout. Most of them were on a mission. The only ones that were still in the hidout were Hidan, Kaazu, Pain and Konan. They were all relaxing and enjoying the fact that there was no noisy Tobi declaring the stupidiest things or a series of explosions caused by Deidara's art. The quietness was enjoyable and relaxing. Hidan was also very relaxed and he was lost in his own toughts. His thoughts were about his past, remembering some of his best memories.He thought back at the time when he took his Chuunin exam. In his final fight he'd had his favorite opponent he ever faught with.

Only thinking about his person made him smile. He wondered where the person was now. "Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Kakazu asked. "Not that you usually don't look like an idiot." he added. Hidan rolled his eyes and shrugged. "No reason." he replied rather quickly. KOnan, who had seen it too, grinned. "He was thinking about a girl." she said. Hidan's eyes widenend. It was completely true. How dids he know? He had been thinking about you. You had almost defeated him at the Chuunin exams. Almost.

"So tell me." Konan ordered. Hidan looked at her as if she spoke an other language. Konan sighed and rolled her eyes. "Tell me about the girl that drives you crazy enough to make you smile by just thinking about her." "That is none of your business. I can think about whoever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want."  The purple haired Akatsuki sighed again. "PLEAAASEEE TELL MEEEEE!" she said, acting a bit childish, which was kind of unlike her. "It might be the only chance to find you a girlfriend." she added. Hidan shot her a glare before giving in. "Fine, I'll tell you." Konan smiled happily.

"Her name is (Y/N). She was my opponent at the Chuunin exams..." While he was talking, he got lost in the memories of that day. "And now, the final fight!" The examinator announced. You and HIdan were both more thanready for it and were both just as determined to become Chuunin. It was quite unusual to have two people to have two people with almost equal ways of fighting as opponents in the finale. But it just made it more intresting, at least that was the opinion of the most people that were watching the fights.

Hidan was pretty confident as the stood there with his scythe in his hands. You held your scroll ready. "Begin!" the examinator shouted. You bit your thumb till it started bleeding while you dodged some attacks from the scythe your opponent was swinging at you. He didn't want to waste any time on fighting a girl. You quickly opened your scroll, letting your bloody thumb slide over it. The scroll summoned a double sided scythe and you held it ready, grinning. "So you're a scythemaster too, eh? Well this could be fucking intresting." Hidan said.

You ignored his talking and you attacked him with your scythe. He dodged all of your attacks easily and you did the same with his attacks. The soon became clear that you both were almost equal when it came to strength and tactics. And that frustrated you. The fight went on for a while and you were both getting pretty exhausted. You would have won, if you hadn't let your frustration get the best of you. the odds were in your favor. Hidan's scythe was stuck and he had trouble getting it out. If you had done like you'd normally do and calculate when to attack, you would have won and become Chuunin.

The mistake you made, was getting too frustrated about the fight and act without thinking. You ran at him and swung your scythe. But you did that too soon and your scythe got stuck into the ground. Hidan got his scythe free and now the odds were turned. You cursed under your breath. Hidan attacked you and he didn't make the mistake of just acting without thinking. He cut you badly on the back and the examinator ended the fight, announcing that Hidan was the winner.

"So if I get this right, you are in love with the girl you had to fight at the Chuunin exams." Hidan nodded. "And have you seen her since you injured her. Hidan shook his head. "No, we never saw or spoke each other anymore." he said. Hidan sighed. He really wanted to see you again. "I'm going outside for some fresh air." he said before doing so. He took a deep breath as soon as he was outisde. It felt nice to just stand there and let everything wave over him. He might not have you anymore, he at least he still has his memories. He suddenly heard some people talking and he went to look who made the noise and he saw a girl that seemed very familiar to him...

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