Itachi Uchiha x reader - Eyes

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Itachi Uchiha woke up. He sighed. Even though it was morning and the sun was shining brightly, he could barely see anything. Using the Mangekyou Sharingan had made his sight worse than before and it annoyed him to no end. It wasn't easy to live anymore, he walked into everything and it had happened more than once that he attacked Kisame instead of his opponent. That meant he had to apologize to Kisame and that hurt his pride a little bit. Itachi sighed once again and got out of bed, coutnign his steps to make sure he went to the right direction.

By counting his steps, the others didn't notice much about his bad sight, but Kisame knew of course. It sort of worried him that his partner was becoming blind. he practically was already. Itachi reached the kitchen after some struggle. He was lucky it was just Kisame who was present in the liar. The Uchiha could vaguely see his partner's silhouette. "Could you pass me the milk?" Itachi asked as he couldn't see which one was milk and which one was orange juice. He somehow managed to pour the milk Kisama had hadned him in a glass without making a mess.

The mess came when he tried to drink. He lifted his glass and brought it to his mouth. Sadly for him, he didn't bring it close enough and spilled all the milk over him. Kisame looked at him with pity. It became worse and worse. "Itachi, it's getting out of hand." he said. "You should go see a medical nin." Itachi sighed. This wasn't the first time Kisame had said this, but he simply didn't want two. That was because of two reasons. One, they were Akatsuki members, there was no way they could just walk in at a medical nin's house. They would just get attacked.

The second reason was that he felt weak because of his bad eyes. He didn't want to seem weak to anyone. And if he looked weak because of the Sharingan, then the whole Uchiha clan would seem weak. Not that there were many left of them. Kisame, of course, knew these reasons. "Look Itachi, just suck up your pride and get checked, you can't fight if you can't see anything. And for getting attacked, don't worry about that. We have some allies that can help  us get to a decent medical nin." Itachi sighed. Kisame was right and he knew it. "Okay then, I'll do it." he said, giving in.

Later that day, Kisame and Itachi were going to the village that was closest to the hideout, covering their Akatsuki cloacks under an other, less recognizable one. They managed to sneak in pretty easily and had an ally waiting for them. That ally helped them trough the village and brought them to the medical nin's house. "Ah, this must be the Akatsuki with eyeproblems." an old lady said. Kisame nodded. "Yes, we were wondering if you could help him?" he asked. "I don't, but my granddaughter certainly will. (Y/N)! They're here!" You looked up from your documents and looked at the two cloacked men in your house.

You got up and walked over to them. "What's the problem?" you asked them. "My partner here is almost blind." Kisame told you, pointing at the Uchiha. "Open your eyes as wide as you can." you said. Itachi opened his eyes just as you ordered. You took a good look at it but it didn't take you too long. "Sharingan eh?" you asked. Itachi nodded. "How do you know about the Sharingan?" he asked you. You started to explain while you lead him to your working place. "I'm a medical nin specialised in eyes. I've seen a lot of weird conditions on eyes, but I've also done a study on the eye jutsu's from some ninja families like the Uchiha clan with the sharingan, like you, and the Byakugan from the Hyuga clan."

"Well, that makes sense." Itachi said. You made him sit down on a special chair and then took your tools. "Activate your Sharingan." you ordered. Normally, it would make it worse, but you had to know what was up and how you could help the Uchiha boy. He did as was told and you took another look at his eyes. "The Mangekyou Sharingan?" you said a bit surprised. "Yes." You, as an eye specialist, knew what it took to activate this Sharingan, but you decided to leave it for what it was. "I see what's the problem here. I can help you with your eyes with an operation, but I can't promise you'll be able to keep using the Mangekyou Sharingan." you told Itachi.

Itachi didn't want that of course. But it was either not seeing anything or having a chance to lose the Mnagekyou Sharingan. He took a deep breath. "Fine, do that operation." he said. You nodded and took the needed preparations for the operation. You quickly informed Kisame about it just so he knew why it would take so long. After everything was ready, you put Itachi to sleep and started with the operation. Well, it wasn't really an operation, it was a complex thingy with lasers and stuff but it was hard to explain it to others. It was easier to say it was an operation, it spared you a lot of time explaining.

After the operation, Itachi had to wear some bandages for about two hours before he was allowed to be exposed to light. You handed him a drink and helped him so he wouldn't make a mess. The two hours had passed and you carefully took off the bandages. "Don't worry if you can't see immediatly, it might take some time for your eyes to get used to it." you told Itachi. Slowly but surely, he started to see. And not only see, better than before. He looked around. All the things that had been vague shapes were now clearly visible. "I can see again!" he exclaimed, surprised and happy.

"Great to hear it was a succes." you said. Itachi looked over to you and he stared for a bit. You were really beautiful. Itachi got up and walked over to you. "Thank you." he said. You smiled at him. "No problem, it's what I do." He smiled at you. "Well, your partner is waiting for you." "Who?" "The blue guy." Itachi now remembered Kisame had come along. Kisame was still eager to know if the 'operation' had gone. Itachi followed you to him. "It was a succes." you said. Kisame was sort of glad it had turned out all well. "Come on Itachi, we have to go." the sharkboy said. Itachi nodded and followed him. "Good luck, Itachi Uchiha." you called after him as they walked away. Little did you know you'd see the Uchiha a lot of times more ;)

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