Naruto Uzumaki x reader - Mistletoe

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Sakura, Tenten and you were out for Christmas shopping. You were the one who offered to cook this year and you still needed to get your ingredients and the your present. You had agreed, along with all the others, for secret santa this year and you had pulled Naruto out of the bowl with names. And you were determined to get him the best present he'd ever get or gotten. After all, you had liked him forever and you wanted to do anything to make him happy. To you he was perfect in every way.

The three of you entered the shop and got what you need. You soon had gathered the ingredients for the ramen you were going to make. Yes, ramen. It didn't always have to be something super fancy. "Now, let's go buy the presents!" Tenten said cheerfully. She had pulled Neji so for her it was easier to find something he'd like. "What are you gonna get Neji?" you asked her. "Pudding. Lots of pudding." You and Sakura both raised an eyebrow. "Pudding?" Tenten nodded. "Since our last mission he got an addiction to pudding." she explained. Made some kind of sense.

"How about you? I vet Naruto isn't the easiest person to buy a present for." Sakura asked. "I don't know yet." you admitted. "But whatever it will be, it will certainly be the best present he ever got!" "If you say so. I'm going to buy Sai a new set of pencils. I wouldn't know what else to get him." You had forgotten Sakura had to buy for Sai. You just hoped he wouldn't say anything rude that could ruin the whole evening. But you didn't want to think like that. You had to trust that it would be Christmas to remember.

After you had al lbought your stuff you went home to do some preparations for tomorrow so you weren't all stressed that you wouldn't get your work done. The next day you got up earlier than usual to make sure that everything was perfect. You had cleaned your whole house and had put christmas decoration everywhere. It looked awesome. Tenten had come over earlier to help you a little. "It looks amazing!" Tenten exclaimed when she looked at the food you had prepared. You giggled at her enthousiasm.

Suddenly, she got something out of her bag and you tried to see what it was. Mistletoe. "I'm going to put it up, it's a cool tradition and I wanna see who's stupid enough to get caught underneath it!" You laughed a bit. You sure hoped that you could manage to trap Temari and Shikamaru underneath it. Those two obviously liked each other. Then Tenten dragged you upstairs to get dressed as you were still in your pyjama's. You took a quick shower and put on a sweater that reached just under your butt, (f/c) shorts and long stockings that reached above your knee.

You got your hair in a messy ponytail and went downstairs, just in time to open the door. Soon, all your guests had arrived and they were all sitting at the table. You started to serve the ramen, along with some help from the girls. "I made it myself. I hope it's good. And if it isn't, I have pizza in the freezer as a back up." you said. "Nonesense (Y/N)! These ramen look great!" Chouji said. You smiled at him before sitting down yourself. You all started eating and everyone seemed to like the food. You sighed in relief.

"Woah! (Y/N)! These ramen are really good! Almost as good as Ichiraku's!" Naruto shouted. You smiled and blushed a bit0 Such a compliment coming from Naruto meant a lot to you. After you were all done, it was time for the presents. Neji almost hugged Tenten to death because of the pudding and Sai didn't say anything stupid when he got his present. He actually seemed happy with it, in Sai standards then. "Now it's my turn to give a present!" you shouted. You took the orange wrapped box from under yout Christmas tree and handed it to Naruto. "I hope you like it!" you said, smiling.

Naruto happily opened his present and stared at it with wide eyes. He then suddenly tackled you into a hug. "THANK YOU (Y/N)-CHAN!" he yelled. You had given him some coupons for Ichiraku's, a photo-album, a self drawn picture from the heads of the Hokage, with his head added, and a picture of the two of you. On the picture you had written: 'Proof I was friends with the future Hokage!' It didn't seem all that special, but it made Naruto very happy to know that there was someone who believed in him. "I'm glad you like it!" you said when he let go of you. You then glanced at Tenten who nodded at you. Time for your little plan to put in action.

Tenten got up from her seat and stood against the wall. "Hey, Temari, Shikamaru? Could you help me with something in the kitchen?" They nodded and headed to the kitchen. As Temari was faster Tenten 'casually' got in the way so Shikamaru could catch up with her."STOP!" you yelled, causing everyone to look at you. You pointed at the two. "You!" you then pointed at the mistletoe. "Are caught under the mistletoe!" You and Tenten smirked devilishly. "Well, you two keep surprising us with your little plans." Neji said. If he only knew.

"You know, unless you're pallin gto stand there for the rest of your lives, the two of you have to kiss." Temari sighed and took Shikamaru's collar, pulled him close and kissed him. You and Tenten needed the help of Neji and Naruto to keep Gaara and Kankuro onto their seats so they couldn't go killing Shikamaru. After the kiss, Temari chased after you. "You little rat! Come here! This was not the plan!" "What plan?" Neji asked. You and Temari grinned at each other. "This plan!" she replied while you helped her pushing him and Tenten under the mistletoe.

The two of you high-fived. "My job is done!" you said. Surprisingly, Nehi and Tenten hadless problems with it and kissed each other. After all that, you cleaned iup the table and served the dessert. Also this time everyone seemed to be pleased with the food you had served.When you got up to put the plates away, so did Naruto. "I'll help you." he said. You smiled and took the plates to the kitchen. When the two of you were ready, you went back to the others, but you had taken the wrong route.

"Stop!" everyone yelled. You, who realised why, became very pale. "Mistletoe!" Temari and Tenten said grinning. You blushed, not really knowing what to do. "At least I have an excuse to do this now." Naruto said before kissing you. You, of course, kissed back. "That was about time!" Sakura stated while the others nodded in agreement. And this is why you never, ever, hung up mistletoe in your house again. Even though it had gotten you a boyfriend.

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