Sasuke Uchiha - Hot Chocolate

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"Come on (Y/N)! Hurry!" Sakura yelled. You quickly puton your coat and ran outside while you put on your gloves and hat. It was the end of the year and it was snowing! You absolutely loved snow! Naruto was waiting for you and Sakura just outside your house as you didn't allow him to come inside. Last time he did he wrecked half the place and ate almost your whole ramen supply. Your sensei, Kakashi, had also agreed on joining in on the snowfun so he was also waiting outside.

"Where's Sasuke?" you asked, not seeing your last teammate anywhere ner. "He didn't came." Naruto answered. You sighed before starting to walk to the Uchiha house. He was going to join  in, if he wanted it or not. All the other teams would be complete, so so was your team goiing to be. How dared he, deciding not to show up. Didn't he know how huge this was? It was a snowballwar for god's sake! A war you were planning on winning, no matter what.

You stormed inside the house and right to the Uchiha's bedroom. There you find him, sleeping peacefully. "Oh he looks so cute when he sleeps." Sakura said quietly. You rolled your eyes and bend over Sasuke, bringing your lips close to his ear before yelling "WAKE UP YOU BRAT! WE HAVE A WAR TO WIN!" as loud as you could. This caused the raven haired boy to jump awake and fall out of his bed. "WHAT THE HELL?!" he screamed.

You, Naruto and Kakashi were laughing your asses off while Sakura was worrying about 'her' Sasuke. She glared at you but you ignored her, as you usually did when she was angry at you for doing something to Sasuke."Come on you lazy ass, get ready! Else we'll be too late for the snowballwar." you ordered. Sasuke got up and pushed you and Sakura out of his room before getting ready as quickly as he could, because he knew you'd kill him if he took too long.

He got out of his room and followed you to the battlefield. Team Gai, Kurenai, Asuma and Baki had already arrived and were waiting for team Kakashi. "And of course team Kakashi is too late." Asuma said, causing the other senseis to laugh as they know about Kakashi always arrriving too late.You hit the back of Sasuke's head. "Baka! This is your fault! Now they won't take us seriously!" you said. Sakura and Ino looked as if they were about to murder you for that.

"You didn't have to hit me!" Sasuke said. You and him were always hitting each other or annoying each other, it was kind of your way to say "you're my friend". The two of you were good friends but to the outside world, you looked like you were rivals. "Okay! Let's begin!" Gai shouted before throwing a snowball right in kakashi's face. You quickly made one too and threw it at Kankuro, who was about to throw one at you. You dodged a few snowballs that were targetted at you before finally getting one in your face.

You saw Sasuke grin widely at you.You took a lot of snow in one hand and sneaked behind Sasuke when he was busy attacking Naruto. You pulled on his shirt and dropped the snow in, making him scream in surprise. He tried his best to get the snow out, caushing him to make al lkinds of weird and funny moves. It was like he was dacning. You laughed your ass off. "Dance monkey, dance." you said in between your laughter. This was just plain hilarious.

Sasuke finally got all the snow out and glared at you. You were too busy with laughing to notice though. He tackled you to the ground and sat on top of you, so you wouldn't escape. He shoved snow in your face. "AAAAAH! COOOLD!" you screamed. Sasuke kept shoving snow on you until you rolled over, causing him to be under you. You now started shoving on him. The two of you continued your fight of rolling around and shoving snow for a little longer untill Sakura and Ino attacked you for sitting on Sasuke.

After the snowballwar, Baki's team came out as the winner. That didn't really surprise you much because it were the sand siblings. Everyone went home,except for you and Sasuke. You had stopped him from going. You wanted to have some friend time but when Sakura or Ino was around, that was a bad idea. "How about some hot chocolate?" you asked him. He nodded so you went to your house and put on some milk on the fire. Yes, you were going to make fresh hot chocolate.

You added the chocolate to the milk, making it melt inside of it. When the hot chocolate was done, you put it in two mugs and handed one of them to Sasuke, who took it gladly. He sipped on it, not wanting to burn his tongue."Mmmm... delicious." he said. You giggled a little. Fresh hot chocolate was always delicious. And you were glad you could share it with Sasuke. Sasuke's mug was empty pretty fast, you had more than the half left. "Oooh damn, that was good." he said.

You smiled at him and he smiled back immediatly. You drank some more of your hot chocolate and put the mug on the table in front of you. "Oh, you have some chocolate hanging on your lips." Sasuke said. You wanted to wipe it away but were stopped by him. "I got it." He came closer to you. But he did not wipe it away with his hands, like  you thought he would. Instead, he kissed you. You were surprised but kissed back. It felt goood.

Sasuke pulled away and smirked as he noticed you were blushing madly. You never blushed so it made his pride feel good. You giggled when you noticed there was chocolate hanging on his lips now.

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