Deidara x reader - Puppet Girl

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"Just give up, Sasori! You can't win from us both!" you shouted at the red haired Akatsuki. Just like Sasori and your teammate, Kankuro, you were a puppeteer. A very skilled one too. And now it was you and Kankuro against Sasori. The redhead stood no chance at all, yet he was still grinning like he had already won. It obviously annoyed you. How could he be this confident? He couldn't possibly win. It worried Kankuro a little, while it annoyed you greatly.

"I'm not alone either. I'm surprised you haven't noticed." You got confused. You and Kankuro had been followin him for hours before you encountered him and he was alone all the time. "Deidara!" The blonde Akatsuki jumped down from his giant clay bird. You were still wondering how that thing could even fly. You felt stupid for two reasons. One, how could you not have noticed that, it was a giant clay bird for god's sake. And two, you totally forgot deidara was his partner. Way to go (Y/N), you thought.

"Shit!" Kankuro mumbled. That informed you that he feldt the same as you did. Sosori's grin grew wider. "Still that confident?" he asked teasingly. You growled him with (Puppet Name). Of vourse, Sasori saw the obvious move come and dodged it as if it was nothing. Sasori smirked, if that was even possible, wider yet again. He knew he had practically won now. Kankuro and you were already exhausted from all the travelling and the fight you've already had with Sasori. Now the full-energized Deidara had joined. You were screwed.

"Stick to the plan, Deidara." Sasori said with a warning tone when the blonde was playing around with some clay. "I know, I know. I can't blast the girl, right?" What plan?! Deidara was grinning, just like Sasori. Seriously, where did all the confidence come from all of a sudden? Deidara's hands were done with the clay so he quickly kneeded into a worm-ish figure and let it fall onto the ground. The worm went underground which meant you and Kankuro couldn't see it anymore. You were so concentrated on where the worm could be, you didn't notice the blonde dropped more of them.

Underground, the worms formed a big, long snake and it slowly wrapped itself around Kankuro. You didn't notice at first and neither did Kankuro. He only noticed when the snake was around his waist. Oh no. "KATSU!" Deidara yelled and the snake exploded. "NOOO! KANKURO!" you screamed. When the smoke of the bomb was gone, so was Kankuro. Is he dead, or did he escape? You hoped for the last but didn't have much faith in it. Sasori smirked and used your distractness to attack you.

He used his puppets on you and knocked you out. Deidara made a clay bird and dragged you onto it, along with Sasori, and flew up to the Akatsuki base. There you got placed into Sasori's room. You were still unconsious and somehow, it amused Sasori greatly. He had won and that made his pride happy. "Now, the final part of my plan." he said before making his handsigns.  Deidara's eyes widened as he recognized those handsigns. He was about to make a puppet of you.

Even though he was your enemy, Deidara didn't want you to turn into a puppet. He wanted you to stay you. He had expected that Sasori would turn you into some kind of slave or something, but he did not expect that he would turn you into a pupper. "WAIT SASORI-DANA!" he yelled, making the redhead stop his jutsu. "WHAT?!" Sasori spat irritatedly. "M-maybe you could use her in a more usefull way. Like, as a weapon instead of just turning her into a puppet and let her sit there. She has some powerfull jutsu's" Deidara said nervously.

Sasori thought about it and realised that wasn't a bad idea. "You're right, but the problem is that she won't work with us." he pointed out. That was true, you would never work for Sasori.  You despised him. You slowly opened your eyes and looked at the scene in front of you. Sasori and Deidara were discussing something, even though it looked more like the blonde was begging for something. It actually looked quite funny to you. Then your head started hurting. "Shit." you muttered.

This caught the attention of the two Akatsuki members. "You know Deidara, good luck, I'll leave it to you." Sasori said before walking out of his room, leaving you and the blonde bomb user. Deidara sighed and turned to you, slowly walking over to you. You wanted to back away but you couldn' tas you were sitting against the wall. Your head hurt and you were afraid of what Deidara would do now you were helpless. He kneeled down in front of you, staring you right in the eyes.

"Look, you have two choices. You can either become a puppet and be one of Sasori's trophees. Or, what I would do, work for us." he said. It didn't really sounded threatingly, but not completely friendly either. It was something in between. You didn't say anything. "Listen, be happy you even got the second choice, without me you would've already been a puppet." Deidara said, his voice sounding much more intimidating now. You know what the smartest choice would be, but you doubted you could do it.

An hour later, you still hadn't chosen so Sasori stormed in and pulled you up, pushing you against the wall. "Well?! What is it going to be?!" he shouted. You were trembling with fear but you clenched your fists and manned up. "I'd rather be some stupid trophee puppet than work for the Akatsuki." you spat0 Sasori was pretty statisfied with your answer as he dropped you back onto the ground. He made his handsigns without being stopped by his blonde partner this time.

Sasori hing you on a hook, pretty happy with the new puppet he had just created, and walked out of his room. Deidara however, didn't go after him. He once again walked over to you and he touched your wooden face. "Why didn't you choose the other option? I would've loved to work with you. I loved you." he said before walking out also.

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