Neji Hyuga x reader - Secret Admirer (Konoha High) (Modern)

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"Come on (Y/N)! Don't you wanna know?" Tenten asked. "No, I don't." You were finding these letters in your locker the past few weeks. They were all love poems and not a single one contained any information on who the person was that wrote them to you. Tenten wanted to find out so badly. But you? Not really. You didn't feel like dating for the moment and you weren't exaclty boycrazy like your friends. They all had a crush and you didn't even bother looking for someone.

"You're crazy (Y/N) Every other girl would be eager to find out. Right Sakura?" tenten said. Sakura nodded in agreement and then sighed dreamily. You already knew about what, or who, she was thinking. "I wished Sasuke would write me a love poem." Bingo! You were right. "No way he'd write you one! If he'd write one, it would be for me, foreheadgirl!" "Shut up, Ino-pig!" You sighed. You really needed more male friends and less love-struck girls that are head over heals with a boy they can't get.

When you saw Lee, you quickly left the two fighting girls behind and rushed over to him, along with Tenten. "Lee! Please! Save me! I beg you!" you shouted in a dramatic voice, causing some other students to look at you, not that you cared or anything. Lee made a superhero pose. "I will save every damsel in distress! So that means I'll save you." he said in his manliest voice. "But from what exactly?" You laughed a little at the joke you often made before answering.

"(Y/N) is getting love poems from a secret admirer and she doesn't want to find out who it is!"  Tenten exclaimed dramatically. You nodded. "The girls won't stop about it I need menliness, so I thought about you" "You could go to the gym with me, that's something manly" Oh no! No way in hell you'd go to the gym with Rock Lee! You're pretty positive you'd drop dead if you did he always took everything to the extreme, that included training in the gym.

"Nope, sorry Lee. I'm going to force her into searching her secret admirer. I can't stand not knowing." Tenten said evilly before takin gyour arm and pulling you with her. At this moment, you'd prefer going to the gym with Lee. Tenten dragged you all the way to the library. It was as good as empty except for a boy with long black hair. You recognized him as Neji Hyuga. You had heard he was a transfer student from some school which name you had forgotten.

The boy looked up from his work to look at you and Tenten for a few moments before looking back at the book he was reading. You and Tenten took place at a table a bit further than the table Neji was sitting at. Just to be sure he wouldn't be hearing anything, not that you really cared, but Tenten did. "So, this is what wee're going to do." Tenten said, taking out a notebook and writing some things down, hoping the plan would become clearer to you.

"We're gonna put a note on your locker that says you want to meet him friday after school. To prove it's him he has to bring the first poem he ever wrote to you. And while we wait fro friday to arrive, me, Sakura and Ino will compare handwritings from the poem with those of the boys we know. Maybe we can find him before friday and warn you in time in case it's some kind of freak or something." Tenten said, making every part of it very clear.

You didn't like it, but decided to go with it. Tenten would force you into it anyway and it was better to just do it the easy way. You wrote the note and attached it to yout locker. It was adressed to 'the secret poem-writer'. When you got to your locker that evening you noticed the note was already gone. Which meant the guy had already found it. Tenten, Sakura and Ino got more and more excited, even though they didn't get any result on their comparing handwritings.

To you, friday arrived way to soon. You still found a poem in your locked and you still weren't the slightest curious about who the secret admirer was. But there was no turning back now. The last lesson ended, which meant it was time to meet up with him. You went to the library as that was the place where you were going to meet up. Once again, the library was almost completely empty, except for a few students that hadnothing to do.

You sat down on the same place as you did with Tenten. You took a book, as you wanted to do something to distract yourself, and began reading. You were sitting there for half an hour now and still nobody had come over to you. You sighed to decided to leave if there happened nothing in the frollowin 5 minutes. Just when you had decided that, a shadow towered over you. You looked up and met with white, soft eyes. And that made your heart skip a beat.

A piece of paper was held out for you. You took it and read it.

My love, I have tried with all my being
to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not
compare his love to a summer’s day.
It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
of such a creature as thee,
to simply cast away the precision
God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being
whether it physical or spiritual
is an ensnarement
from which there is no release.
But I do not wish release.
I wish to stay entrapped forever.
With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

This was the first poem you had recieved. So this person was your secret admirer. You didn't expect it to be him, but then again, who did you expect. It's not like you had really thought about who it could be.

"Why?" you asked plainly. "Isn't that obvious? Because I like you." Neji said. Yes, your secret admirer was none other than Neji Hyuga. To be honest,  you didn't mind. You kinda liked him. Even though you always made it seem like you weren't intrested in boys or dating, you kinda thought the was attractive. He was different fro all the other boys. Neji was kind and nice. You had caught yourself staring at him more than a few times.

"I-I..." you stuttered, trying to say something, but words didn't seem to come. "Oh fuck words." you said before grabbing him by his colar and kissin ghim. At first, Neji was very surprised but soon he had his hands wrapped around your hips and was he kissing you back. You could hear Tenten, Ino and Sakura cheer and giggle, but you ignored them completely.

The poem is written by Anthony Kolos

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