Kabuto Yakushi x reader - The Container

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"Lord Orochimaru, do you really think that's a good idea?" Kabuto asked doubtfull. "It is the only way Kabuto, how else will I determine my next container. It has to be the best after all." Orochimaru said in a tone that let Kabuto know it was his final decision. Orochimaru had decided to throw all those that have survived the cursed seal in an arena to slaughter each other. The surviver had to be the one with the strongest Kekkai Genkai and the best container for Orochimaru.

Kabuto was completely against this plan. Among those he wanted to throw in were some very rare and unique Kekkai Genkais and it would be stupid to just let them go waste. But what could he do? It was Orochimaru's choice and he had to obey. He sighed. "I'll get everything ready." Kabuto said as he walked of to do so. He prepared the arena and made sure that Orochimaru could watch safely without getting attacked himself. That was a risk they couldn't take.

After that was done, Kabuto, along with some of Orochimaru's other servants, brought the prisoners to a cage that was attached to the arena so they all could be let out at the same time. "Are they all ready?" Kabuto asked. "Yes." one of the servants replied. It was time to get Orochimaru. Kabuto went to get his master and brought him to the place where he would be watching the fight between the shinobi. It would sure be intresting. Even Kabuto couldn't help but want to watch it. The Kekkai Genkais were very intresting after all.

"Set them free." Orochimaru ordered. Kabuto turned a wheel which caused all cages to open at the side of the arena. The prisoners got out and looked at each other. They soon understood what was going on. They knew they had to slaughter each other till one was standing. One of them, a blonde girl, was a very promising one. She had a lust for killing and desired power. She was obviously one of Orochimaru's personal favorites. Her Kekkai Genkai was to control a person's movement by their blood. This of course meant she could drain all the blood from a person's body and cause them to die.

Another promising one was a brown haired boy, he was slightly crazy and not afraid to get some blood on his hands. He had a strength that could compete with Tsunade's and he could smell the strength of a person's chakra and also reduce it to zero. Also a very intresting power which Orochimaru desired. There were a lot of others with a very special talent, but to Kabuto, you were the most intresting of all. You had always been a quiet one among the prisoners.

You hadn't screamed when the cursed seal started to work in on you. You hadn't protested nor worked along with the test. It looked you had lost all will to live but didn't want to die either. Even now, you were just sitting against the wall while you watched other's fight. You weren't planning on trying anything to win or lose this thing. You were going to do... absolutely nothing. And with your Kekkai Genkai, you didn't really needed to either. You could make everything out of nothing. You just had to imagine what you wanted and you could create it out of a bit of sand, mud, wood or even just air.

That was truly an amazing Kekkai Genkai, at least, that's what Kabuto thought. But that wasn't all that there was to your Kekkai Genkai. You could also use nothing to something. Imagine someone wanting to stab you with a sword. You could just create a wall out of air and the person would run right into it without noticing it was even there. That made your family feared. That made you feared. That was the reason you were just sitting there without being worried.

You had created a shield around you. Kunais, bones, blades etc. It all flew towards you but not one of them hit you. This of course, wasn't unnoticed by Orochimaru. "Kabuto, how is it possible she doesn't get affected by any of it. She doesn't even seem the slightest bothered by the killing around her." "I don't know either, lord Orochimaru. But judging by her Kekkai Genkai, I would say she created a shield of some sort." Kabuto answered. This certainly got Orochimaru intrested.

The fight had come to the point that only you and the girl with the blood control powers were left. This was a disadvantage for you. You didn't know if your shield could guard you against her Kekkai Genkai as it messed with your inside, not your physical form. The girl grinned wickedly at you while you kept your emotionless expression. "Time to die!" she screamed and she made her handsigns, ready to drain all the blood from your body. Your reflexes were faster than she could've ever imagined and that's where she had lost even before the battle had begun.

You created a sword out of the air surrounding you and pierced your sword trough her heart. She dropped dead and you were the victor of Orochimaru's little game of death. You just kept standing at the spot where you stood as you had killed the girl and waited for further instructions. Somehow, Kabuto was happy that it was you who had won, that you didn't die. "Look if she had any injuries and if so, care for her. When she's ready, you bring her to me." Orochimaru ordered.

Kabuto obeyed immediatly and went to pick you up from the arena. You just followed him, not really caring what would happen to you next. Knowing Orochimaru, it wouldn't be anything good anyway. "Congratulations, lord Orochimaru really wants to make use of your incredible powers." Kabuto said. You kept your blank face and didn't say anything back. Kabuto sighed and led you to his workplace and asked you to lay down. After a few tests came clear you had a few broken ribs as the girl had already begun with draining your blood. It had caused pressure on your ribs and broke them.

Kabuto quickly took care of them. With his healing techniques, they would be healed in a few days. Which meant that in a few days, your body would be Orochimaru's. The night before you were going to die to lend your body to Orochimaru, Kabuto came into your room and watched you sleep for a few minutes. He sighed sadly as he knew this was the last time he'd see you. He got up from his spot and walked over to you. He placed a gentle, soft kiss on your lips. "Wait for me on the other side, (Y/N)." he said before leaving.

You hadn't even woken up from all this. Even though you hadn't realised any of this, the last you thought about when you died was him. Kabuto Yakushi. You'd wait for him at the other side. You'd wait for him to join you.

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