Kiba Inuzuka x Hikari Uchiha - Grounded

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Hikara was sitting in her room, watching out of her window. Sasuke had grounded her because of the most stupid thing ever. Talking back. Yes, talking back. They had gotten into a discussion and just because she talked back, she couldn't leave the house for a week. And don't think she could just leave when Sasuke wasn't home. No, he had set up traps EVERYWHERE around the house. He sure took this very serious. Hikara liked watching out of her window, it brought back a lot of memories. Especially now she saw kids play on the same place she used to play when she was little.

She remembered how she always played with Sasuke's friends and not with the girls of the village. She was never the person to participate on their girly stuff. She wasn't intrested in boys the way they were. Instead, she always hung out with the boys. They usually played ninja or another fun game. And she was even very good in it. She defeated them all in these games. The only one she never managed to defeat was Shikamaru. She chuckled, thinking back at all the fun times she had had. One memory suddenly popped up.

Hikara and Sasuke went to the forest where they met up with their friends. "Is everyone here already?" Sasuke asked. Shikamaru shook his head. "Chouji and Kiba are still late, but they should be here soon." he answered. And as predicted, Chouji and Kiba arrived just a few minutes later. "So what are we gonna play today?" the little Hikara asked enthousiatically. It always caused Sasuke to smile, which was rather rare. "How about Fight of the Kingdoms?" Chouji said.

Hikari immediatly agreed. It was a fun game where the players split in two teams. Both formed a kingdom on their own. The two teams had to have a 'war' to win an important treasure. Mostly, the treasure were some candies they had brought. "Okay, what shall we take as treasure?" Shino asked. Unfortunatly, nobody had brought any cookies, candies or whatsoever. "I have an idea!" Kiba shouted. everyone looked at him because they were, of course, curious what his idea was.

"We could say Hikari is the treasure, like a princess or something. And the kingdoms are fighting over her!" The boys liked that idea, it was something different for once. Hikari on the other hand, liked that idea a bit less. She wanted to participate in the little war that was about to take place. But she decided to roll with it as it seemed to make the boys happy. Hikari sat down at the sideline so she wouldn't be in the way. The first kingdom was Sasuke's. It existed out of him, Shikamaru and Chouji. The other team was team Kiba, along with Shino and Naruto.

"Hereby, I declare the war!" Hikari shouted, on a played, formal tone to let her seem more like a princess. The boys immediatly ran at each other and started a very innocent play fight. It sometimes made Hikari giggle whens he saw them rolling over the ground. In the end, it was Kiba who won. He stood very happily and did some kind of happy dance. "I WON!" Once again, Hikari had to laugh. Kiba went over to Hikari and kneeled down. "Princess Hikari, do you wanna marry me?" he asked in his knight-voice. "Yes!"

Hikari smiled. That had been a fun day. However, after Kiba had asked her to 'marry' him, Sasuke attacked him. He was overprotective then, and he now still was. Sasuke opened the door of her room and entered. "You're not grounded anymore." he said. Hikari still didn't understand how he could even ground her, they were about the same age! "That was about time too." she said smiling before going outside. She had to stretch her legs after being locked up in her room all day.

She went to the forest and followed it till she reached a hill with a big rock on top of it. She sat down against the rock and once again, thought about the nice memories it brought. After Sasuke finally stopped with attacking Kiba, it was already late and everyone decided to go home. Kiba, however, took Hikari's hand. He wanted to show her something first. They followed the forest untill they reached a hill with a big rock. "Kiba? Why are we here?" Hikari asked but Kiba didn't answer.

Once they reached the top of the hill and Kiba had helped Hikari to climb the rock, they could see whole Konoha. It looked very pretty with all the lights. "Woah!" Hikari exclaimed. Kiba knew she'd like it. After a while, Hikari climbed off because she didn't want to worry Sasuke. Just before she left, she kissed Kiba's cheek and ran off with Kiba still staring after her. "Oh, hey Hikari." a familiar voice said. Hikari smiled. "Hello Kiba." she replied. The canin boy sat down next to her.

"I still come here quite a lot." Kiba said. "Me too." The two shinobi just stared down at Konoha as they had nothing to say. And words weren't exactly necessary. They were friends for so long, they could hold whole conversations by just looking at each other. On the exact same moment, they turned their faces at each other and leaned in. Their lips touched in a soft kiss. Butteflies were flying around in Hikari's belly and Kiba smiled widely. A smile that wouldn't leave his face anytime soon.

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