Ino Yamanaka x reader - Astro Body part 2 (Halloween Special)

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The spirit had taken over your body and there was nothing you could do anymore. Not even thinking about what the spirits could do to other people with your bodies, you left the house, entering a darkness. The only thing on your mind now was finding Ino. "INO?!" you yelled. "(Y/N)?!" you heard somewhere in the dark. It was Ino's voice. You ran towards the voice and reached a lighted house. You spotted Ino standing in front of the door. You ran towards her.

"I'm so sorry Ino, I couldn't stop them!" you said. She shook her head. "I know, it's not your fault. It was planned." "Planned?" She nodded. "They  knew about my abilities and they've been watching me. They knew I was going to use my astro body again so they kept me away from my body and because you yelled my name, they exactly knew where my empty body was." she explained. You felt even worse now. So you had been attracting them to her body?

"But what exactly are you doing here?" Ino asked. You explained her about the fact you had become an astro body yourself and your body was also taken over by a spirit. "I'm sorry (Y/N), I should've never dragged you into this." she said. You shook your head. "It's not your fault" you said. "Is there any chance we'll get back to our bodies?" you asked. Ino sighed sadly and shook her head. "No, there's no way. Our bodies belong to them now. Unless..."

"Unless what?!" you said, a bit hope forming inside of you. "If they leave the body and become an astro body, maybe we could reclaim our bodies." Ino said thoughtfully. That was actually a good idea. You thought it was worth a try. "We should try it!" you said. "Yes, but the chance that the spirits will leave our body is very small. I mean, how would you be. Being dead for all these years and when you get the chance to claim a body, you wouldn't just leave it." Ino said.

You hated how true that was. But you still thought it was worth a try. "Maybe we could set up a trap, something that will make them come here." you thought out loud. Ino looked at you. "That's a good idea, but what?" Both of you thought. What would make a spirit become an astro body again? Obviously, you didn't have a clue as you only knew how it was to live, not to be death and then live again. This was just beyond your understanding. You sighed defeated. "We'll just rot here, won't we?" you asked Ino.

"Don't think like that!" she exclaimed. "We have a plan, we should defiantly manage to return to our bodies." she said. Somehow, the determination in her voice made you feel better. It made you want to fight. For her. You nodded. Let's go somewhere where we can sit down and  think." you said. She agreed and you both entered the house. Once there, you did a shocking discovery. "I-i-isn't that N-Neji?" you asked as you pointed at the black haired person in the corned.

Ino's eyes widened. "Oh my god, yes it is!" she exclaimed. You both ran towards Neji, or better, his astral body. "Neji? Is your body taken over by a spirit too?" Ino asked in disbelieve. The boy looked up and nodded sadly. "How long already?" "Two months." Come to think of it, you hadn't seen Neji much around the past two months, and the times you did he acted kind of weird. You and Ino sat down with him, in the corner of the living room of the house. To your surprise, the living room was crowded with astro bodies, dead or living.

Ino told Neji about the plan to try and make the spirits leave our bodies. Neji agreed on helping us. "I might have an idea." Neji said. Ino and you were all ears. "There's a shinigami that passes this house every now and then. He has this sort of scythe that can cut the astro body out of the normal body." Neji said. "A shinigami? As in god of death?" Ino asked. Neji nodded. "It's our best chance." you said and they both agreed. You were all going to try and make the shinigami seperate the spirits from your bodies.

Fortunatly, the odds were in your favor. When the shinigami arrived at the house, he went straight to you, Ino and Neji. You had to admit he looked scary, but you didn't want to show your fear. "You are the three astro bodies from Konoha?" he stated more than he asked. The three shinobi nodded in response. "You're lucky. The spirits that took over your bodies have no right to take over a body so I'm going to seperate them from your bodies again, but I can't promise you another spirit claims it before you do, that's not my business."

That was good enough for you, as it was your only chance. The three of you followed the shinigami closely, but you knew other astro bodies were following closely as they wanted to take their chance to claim a body. You arrived at your  normal bodies, they were together which was lucky for you. The three of you stood behind your normal body, other astro bodies close. The shinigami swung it's scythe and seperated the spirits from your bodies, causing the bodies to fall limp. The three of you didn't hesitate for a second and claimed the body that always had been yours.

You opened your eyes and sat up straight, looking around. You were at Ino's house. Neji and Ino had woken up too. Ino looked at you and smiled, suddenly attacking you in a hug. "We did it!" she exclaimed happily. You smiled and hugged her back. "Yes, indeed." Neji sighed relieved. "Let's make a promise." he said. You and Ino let go of each other and looked at Neji. "I promise I'll never become an astro body again in my life and I'l stop everyone at any cost to do so." he said. "I promise too." You and Ino said in unision.

You were going to leave. Neji had already left an hour ago to go and explain to the Hokage what had happened All you could do was hope that she'd believe you. Just before you walked trough the door, you got stopped by Ino and got pulled in yet another hug. "I'm really glad it was you who was with me, I knew I could trust you." she said. You smiled once again. "You can always trust me, Ino."

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