Minato Namikaze x reader - Unfortunate

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It was late and everyone was already laying in bed or relaxing in their house, except for you. You were walking trough the empty streets of Konoha. You had gotten into a fight with your parents. Again. And you had left the house angrily. Again.  You had about enough of all the insults you got thrown at your head by your parents. YOU WERE SICK OF IT! What were you? An emotionless thing that they could break and say everything to and it wouldn't feel a thing? No!

You were mumbling angry complaints to yourself, who else did you have to complain to? It wasn't like you had any friends or anyone else that was prepared to listen to you. You only had yourself and you knew for sure, it would always be like that. Who would care about you anyway? You failed at being a shinobi and you had no skill in whatsoever. At least, that's what your parents told you. Every. Miserable. Day. Of. Your. Miserable. Life. You stopped walking when you heard sobs coming from the building on your right.

You followed the noise and found a boy, around your age, with blonde hair. He was sitting on the ground with his knees on his chest and his head on his knees. He wasn't sobbing, like you first thought, but he was crying. You kneeled down next to the boy and placed your hand on his shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong?" you said, forgetting your anger for a bit. The boy looked up at you, tears still falling down his cheeks. He shook his head and continued crying. You felt bad for him, even though he was a complete stranger to you. You couldn't help but pity the young boy.

"If you don't talk to anyone, it will only get worse." you said to him."What would you know?!" he yelled at you. This caused your anger to return. You were only trying to be nice. "I know better than you think! I have problems too you know! Maybe I should deal with them instead of helping someone who thinks he's the only one that's hurt!" you spat before standing up and stomping away. You had made a mental note not to offer your help to anyone anymore, they'd probably be like this guy.

The blonde boy watched as you left. He immediatly felt stupid and got up. Somehow he felt like he had to talk to you. That he could talk to you. "Wait!" he yelled. You turned around to the guy. "What's your name?" he asked, wiping away his last tears. "(Y/N)" His eyes widened. "Aren't you that girl from that accident two years ago?" he asked. Your fist clenched as you nodded. That accident had ruined everything. EVERYTHING. Your life had become hell because of it.

You were just pracitcing as the final exams of the acadamy were approaching. You practiced your jutsus everyday to get them perfect. You defiantly didn't want to fail. You were going to make your parents proud and you were going to make friends. This was a must. And then, THAT happened. As you were practicing in your family's dojo, you were alone and that made you concentrate easier. But you were so concentrated that you didn't notice the stranger just outside your house.

The stranger smirked as he looked at the clan symbol on the door. He would take his revenge. The man set the whole house on fire, and you were inside. You didn't notice at first, but suddenly you started to smell smoke. Unfortunatly, it was already too late. The ceiling of the dojo came down and fell right on top of you, causing you to get knocked out. You opened your eyes and found yourself at a hospital, without legs. They had to amputate them because they were too injured.

Ever since then, you walked around on replacements for your legs. This, of course, didn't allow you to become a shinobi. All the other kids were happy when they graduated from the academy while you had to watch in the shadows, being a disgrace for your family. "My name is Minato Uzumaki." the boy said, snapping you out of your painful memories. You remembered him now! You had seen him at a formal party your parents had given a few months ago. They didn't allow you to attend to the party as they were ashamed of you, but you had watched from upstairs.

You and Minato went to sit somewhere calm and you both talked about your problems, finding comfort in each other.Even thoug you didn't expect it, Minato became best friends. He didn't seem to be the slightest bothered with your condition. In fact, if possible, it made him like you even more. It was unique and it showed how strong you actually were. And over the years, you grew even closer than just friends. The two of you had a nice and long lasting relationship.

Suddenly, you fell ill and you had to be taken to the Konoha hospital. Your condition went from bad to worse. Minato visited you every day. Every day until the day you died. He was broken inside, but he knew you wouldn't like it if he spent the rest of his life sobbing over losing you. Instead, he found a new partner and even got a baby. You, who was watching from above, were happy because he was happy.

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