Ino Yamanaka x reader - Astro body (Halloween Special)

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"So tell me why we're doing this again?" you asked your mother. Your family had been asked by the Yamanaka family to help them out with Ino's training. "Because we owe them from the time Ino saved your life." your mother reminded you. You remembered that moment. You were on a mission with your team and it was a huge failure. You had walked into a trap of the scorpion clan. The scorpions were about to sting you and your team, but then Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji appeared and they saved you.

However, one of the scorpion clan's youngest was behind you, and you hadn't noticed. Just before you could get assasintated, Ino used her mind control jutsu and took over your body to stop him. There would have been no way for you to respond in time, even if they had warned you. And that's why you owed Ino Yamanaka. Even though you owed her, you didn't want to help her out with her training as her methods looked quite boring to you and it took so much time.

You arrived at the Yamanaka house and knocked. Ino's mother opened and let you and your parents inside. Ino was waiting in the living room. "So, what is it that you want us to do?" you asked immediatly. She sighed and got up. "(Y/N), do you know what an astro body is?" she asked. You obviously didn't so you shook your head. "Well, when someone is sleeping or just unconcious, that person's, let's call it spirit, can leave it's body. That spirit is called tha astro body. It can move around without the normal body and it has a memory of it's own, this means when the astro body returns to the normal body, the person had no memory of what the astro body has done."

"Okay? And why am I here?" you asked. Tha whole astro body thing didn't exactly help you understand the situation. "I have found a way to do a stronger mind control by using my astro body. I can lift my spirit out of my body and take place in someone else's and control a person's behavior this way. I can even remember what I've done as my astro body." she continued explaining. You were still as confused as before and you had the feeling if you'd say so, you'd look dumb.

"But, there's a big downside to this too. When my astro body leaves my normal body, my body stays here empty and unguarded. The problem with that is, when I stay a bit longer out of my normal body, the connection to my astro body and my normal body becomes weaker and weaker. This means that other, wandering spirits can claim my body and that makes returning impossible for me." Now it was clear what she expected of you. "So you want me to keep spirits away from your body?"

"Exactly, and the way to do so is by making sure there's light on my body. Spirits are afraid of light. Also, I want you to yell at me for two minutes, every ten minutes. If I want to come back, I can oriëntate on your voice." You nodded. "Okay, I think I can do that. When do we start?" you asked. Ino smiled at you. "How about now? Just as a test." she said. You agreed. Your and her parents decided to leave you two alone as it would be easier for you both to concentrate on the astro body thing.

Ino sat down on a couch. "You know, the reason I asked you to do this is because you're the only one I trust enough for it." she said. This gave you a warm feeling inside. You smiled at her. "I'm glad you trust me with this Ino." you said before sitting down next to her with a few flashlights in your hands. During the whole thing, the light above Ino's head would be on, but as she had explained, spirits don't like light so they might destroy it. That's why you had taken the flashlights. This made the chance she would be without light way smaller.

"Ready?" she asked you. You nodded and readied your clock. She closed your eyes and took some deep breaths. When her body became limp, you knew she was in now in her astro body. You immediatly started the timer that would make noise every ten minutes. The first ten minutes had passed quicker than you thought and you immediatly started yelling at Ino. "INO! INO! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" You kept repeating this for two minutes. When there was no response, you took it that she was still wandering around in her Astro Body.

This whole ritual was going on for two hours now. The alarm sounded again. You stopped the alarm and started yellign again. "INO!INO! INO COME BACK!" Your yells were becoming more and more desperate. She was gone way too long for your liking and you had the feeling sirits were starting to come closer to her body. Your fear was confirmed when the light above Ino broke. You responded quickly and put on one of the flashlights and shone on Ino. You saw a hand leave her quickly.

You were started to panic. You shook Ino while still shining the flashlight on her. "INO! PLEASE COME BACK! THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER YOUR BODY!" you screamed. The body didn't respond. The flashlight broke too. You went to grab another but that one was broken too. All of them were. "INOOOO!" you screamed loudly and desperatly. Ino's body moved and she opened her eyes. "I'm back." she said. You sighed relieved. Too soon.

Ino got up and turned to you with a wicked grin on her face. "Ino? Are you alrght?" you asked. Ino walked towards you and threw you onto the couch with an inhuman strenght."The Ino girl doesn't exist anymore. She's now nothing more but a wandering spirit." Your eyes widened. "Don't worry, you can go join her." The spirit did something, you couldn't quite tell what, but you felt like you got lifted from the ground. You could move so you took a few steps, only to see your body still laying on the couch. You had become an astro body yourself. You saw a spirit crawl to your body and it was taking it over rather quickly. And there was nothing you could do about it.

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