Hana Inuzuka x reader - Anoher Mission

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You were getting ready for your mission with your team. You had the most important stuff packed in your backpack, your weapons all perfectly stored and some snacks for on the way. You checked twice if you had brought everything as you didn't wanna get in the same situation as last mission again. You had forgotten your food and Hana made you beg for some of her food. It was the most humuliating you had ever done. You quickly shook that thought away and took your stuff.

You left your house and went to the Inuzuka house to pick up Hana. You knocked on the door and her little brother, Kiba, opened the door. He glared at you as usual. Somehow, the little brat didn't like you. "Can you go get your sister for me?" you asked. He growled a little and dissapeared into the hous. "HANA! THE IDIOT IS HERE!" You knew he wanted you to hear it. You rolled your eyes at his childish behavior. Not much later, your teammate appeared at the door.

"Don't bother waiting on him, he's still sick." your sensei said as you arrived at the meeting spot. And with 'him', he meant your last teammate. You nodded and all of you started walking. You had to take a scroll to Suna, a pretty easy job you thought. You were all silent while walking. "Hey, sensei?" you asked. "Yes?" "Why don't we just travel trough the trees? It's much faster." you pointed out. It was true, just walking was way slower than travelling trough the trees.

"Because Hana's dogs are more likely to smell an enemy if they get the time to smell, if we move faster, they will be less likely to smell them enough before the encounter." your sensei explained. It made sense, but you hated slow missions. It was becoming darker so you set up your tent. Hana's dogs stayed outside while you all went in the tent and quickly ate something small before laying down in your sleepingbags. You tried to sleep, but the dogs were making to much noise. This was why you hated it when Hana rought her dogs on a misson.

After hours of listening to the dogs, you had finally fallen asleep, only to be waken up again by the dogs. You growled. "I swear Hana, if you don't silence them, I will, for good." When Hana didn't respond, you opened your eyes, only to see she's gone. You got up and got outside, only to see that Hana wasn't there either. Where could she have gone. You then looked at the dogs that were barking at some note. You picked it up and read it.

We took the Canin girl, if you want her back alive then hand us the scroll. Bring the scroll to the point on the map before midnight tomorrow, else the girl is dead.

So this was why the dogs were barking all the time. Hana was kidnapped! You hurried back to the tent and woke up your sensei. He read the note and he had a worried look on his face. "I guess we have no other choice but to hand them the scroll." he said. You nodded. The sun started to rise already so you decided to pack up the tent again and leave, you weren't getting much more sleep now Hana was gone anyway. You were really worried about her and you hoped she was alright.

The dogs followed you as they were sort of lost without Hana and your smell was the only other smell they were really used to. You followed the map that should lead you to Hana. The place however, was pretty far away and you doubted that you'd make it before midnight. At noon, you had to take a break and you quickly ate something before walking again. The more hours passed, the more you were getting worried about Hana. What if they couldn't make it on time?

It was ten minutes before midnight and you had reached the spot, out of breath. You and your sensei had ran the last bits of the path so you were on time. At midnight, three shinobi appeared, one of them holding Hana. "The scroll for the girl." You sighed and took out the scroll and handed it to the one who was stretching out his arm. They threw Hana to you and disappeared. You untied Hana and shook her awake. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into yours.

"Goddamnit Hana, I was so worried!" you exclaimed in relief. You helped her up and gave her some time to come back to senses. "I'm sorry, it's my fault the mission failed." she said, ashamed. She took her dogs from you. "Nah, they have a fake." you said grinning. Her face lit up. "You're not as stupid as you look, baka." she said while giving you a playful punch. You laughed and you all continued your journey to Suna, to deliver the real scroll of course.

The mission was a succes and you had all just arrived back in Konoha. You walked Hana home as that was a habit you had started when you had done your first mission, when she had broken her leg. You did it every mission ever since then. You reached the Inuzuka house and you were about to leave when Hana grabbed your hand. "Thank you, for saving me." she said. You just gave her a smile. "No problem Hana, we're teammates after all."

Then, something happened you had been dreaming off, but never expected to really happen. Your lips touched with hers in a sweer, small kiss. You pulled away and stared at her wide eyed. She smirked at you and walked inside. The door wasn't even fully closed before Kiba jumped outside. "YOU KISSED MY SISTER!" he screamed at you. You were afraid for him for a split second, but then Hana pulled him back inside and you felt sort of relieved.

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