Rock Lee x reader - Bloody Heaven (Halloween Special) (Modern)

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You, Hinata, Temari, Tenten, Sakura and Ino were at your place, getting ready for a halloween party. The party was given at the villa of one of your best friends, Sasuke Uchiha. You were all dressing up. Ino went as a genie, Sakura as a dark angel, Temari as a witch hunter, Hinata wore a bloody bride dress and Tenten was dressed as a zombie. You yourself had problems with choosing an outfit. "Come on (Y/N)! The party starts in half an hour! I wanna be on time!" Ino said. You rolled your eyes. Of course, she wanted to see Sasuke.

"I'm sorry Ino, I just really don't know what I should wear." you said, followed by a big sigh. Temari stood up and looked trough the costumes that were left. You had all brought a few so eventually you all could find something that fit you. "Here!" she exclaimed, holding up a victorian witch dress. You actually kinda liked it and took it from her, putting it on quickly. You finished off with some make up to make yourself pale and dark red lipstick. "How do I look?" you asked. "Awesome!" the girls exclaimed. "Yeah yeah, let's go!" Ino said, dragging you by your arm.

You all reached the Uchiha villa and you rang the door. Your friend opened and smiled widely at you. "Wicked costumes." he commented. "You too man, don't cut my head off with that scythe though." you joked. He was dressed as a grim reaper. He laughed and let you and the girls in. You immediatly noticed a lot of people you knew as you and Sasuke had a lot of friends in common. They were also some older girls and boys who you didn't know as you assumed these were friends of Sasuke's older brother, Itachi Uchiha.

You looked trough your friends and looked at their costumes. You spotted Gaara and Kankuro, both with a drink in their hand and talking to their sister. Gaara was dressed as a mummy, which you found quite fitting, and Kankuro was a devil. You then saw Kiba and Shino. They were dressed as a werewolf, again fitting, and Shino was a vampire hunter which was awesome with his hoodie. You saw Sakura and Ino doing some hopeless attemts to get Sasuke's attempts.

Shikamaru and Chouji were trying to get them off him. Shika was dressed as a zombie and Chouji looked like the boogyman. Neji and Tenten were dancing together. Neji was dressed in a ghost, which was also fitting. A bit further, you saw Hinata and Naruto doing some funny party dance. Naruto was dressed like some kind of demon. The sight of the two dancing made you giggle. "What's so funny, un?" you heard a voice behind you. A voice you HATED.

You spun around and came face to face with the blonde jock. "What do you want Deidara?!" you spat. "Well well, don't be like that. I just wanted to say you look good, un." he said. You rolled your eyes irritated. Deidara grinned and walked past you, spanking you. You had now reached your limit. You were about to show Deidara every freaking corner of the villa, and that were quite a lot corners. But you then noticed someone had been faster than you were. A guy with black hair and a vampire costume had hit Deidara right in the face.

"Why you!" Deidara growled. He got himself together and was about to punch him, but Itachi came inbetween. "No fighting inside of my house." he said calmly. Deidara growled again. "Fine then, let's take this fight outside." he said. The black haired guy nodded and followed him outside. Nobody dared following or watch the fight as they knew Deidara's reputation. He was the school biggest jock and he had hit more than one person into the hospital. And he wasn't an easy one to cool down either.

You feared the worst. The guy might have been strong, he didn't look like a match for Deidara. The door opened and you quickly looked to see who entered. And to your surprise, it was the guy and not Deidara. You ran over to the guy. "Are you alright?" you immediatly asked. The guy laughed a bit and nodded. "I'm fine." he said. You indeed didn't notice any scratch or wound. This guy sure was amazing. "Uhm, thank you for that." you said. "No problem, really, and my name is Rock Lee." he said.

"I'm (Y/N)." "Nice to meet you." And this way, both of you kept talking for the rest of the evening. You had quite a lot of fun, even though he was a bit of a weird guy. "(Y/N)! It's getting late! We're leaving!" Ino yelled. You looked up to your friend. "COMING!" you yelled back. "See you later, Lee." you said. He smiled and waved at you. You went to Sasuke. "BYE SASUKE!" you screamed in his ears. "Thanks for inviting me!" "Thanks for coming." he laughed. You waved at him before going outside to meet up with the others.

"Nice friends they are!" you exclaimed as you noticed they had already left. "Shall I walk you home then?" Lee said as he walked up next to you. You smiled. "Yeah, that would be nice." you said smiling. He smiled back and started walking towards your house. The two of you had almost reached your house when Lee pulled you into a dark allyway and pushed you against the wall. You were very shocked by his movements. "L-L-Lee? W-what are you doing?" you asked.

He smirked and came with his face closer to yours. "I was planning on letting you live, as I like you. But the sent of your blood just gets me out of control. It's a pity I have to give in." he said. Your eyes widened. In his mouth, two fangs had grown. He planted the fangs into your neck and sucked all the blood of you. He let your empty body fall onto the ground and walked away, leaving you with his previous victim which happened to be a certain blonde jock.

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