Sabaku no Kankuro - One simple, little thing

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"You're unbelievable!" you yelled. "I asked you to do one simple; little thing! One! And even that was too much to ask!" You had never been so angry at your fiance. He had promised to pick up your medicine on his way back from his mission. Instead of doing what he promised, he came home drunk. YOu had gotten the medicine yourself as you wouldn't allow yourself to get even sicker. You hated being sick and you wanted to get better as soon as possible.

When you came back home from getting your medicine, you grabbed a back and started to pack your stuff. You were leaving. It wasn't the first time he did something like this. It are all small things but all those little bits together made one big thing. He always forgot stuff. Once, he even frogot you and him were going to visit your parents, leaving you standing alone. Kankuro had sobered and woken up just when you were about to leave. He was now trying anything to stop you from leaving him. "Please, (Y/N), don't leave me!" he begged. "I love you." 

"Yeah, that's what you keep telling me but I seriously start to doubt it." and with that, you left. Kankuro watched after you as you walked away from him. His heart felt more and more empty every step you took. As it was late and you were already far gone before he came to senses, he went back to the bedroom and laid down on the bed you used to share. He started crying. He had just lost the woman he truly loved and he didn't have the feeling sorry would cut it this time. This all had to happen now, just a few weeks before you were going to marry. He had really fucked up this time.

The next day, he felt even worse. It took him 4 houts to drag himself out of bed. Kankuro went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror, only to see he looked awful. He quickly took a shower to freshen up a bit. He came out of the shower and dried himself. He opened the trash can and threw away some junk that was laying around the bathroom. He noticed something in the trash can and took it out. It was a pregnancy test. His eyes widened.

As quick as he could, he got dressed and stormed outside, running to Gaara's office, storming inside. "Kankuro! Learn to knock, god damnit!" Kankuro ignored his brother's annoyed comment and caught his breath. "(Y/N) is gone." Gaara's eyes widened. "What do you mean, gone?! What have you done this time?!" he yelled. Kankuro quickly explained what had happened and also about the fact you were pregnant. "Maybe she's gone to Temari, they get along very well after all." Gaara said thoughtfully. Kankuro ran out of his brother's office and towards Temari's house, where she lived with Shikamaru, Gaara closely following.

At the house, Kankuro knocked like he was crazy. Shikamaru opened and Kankurp stormed inside, leaving him dubfounded. "Sorry about him." Gaara said while entering as well. "How troublesome." By the time Gaara and Shikamaru had entered, Kankuro and Temari were already yelling at each other. "What do you mean, she was pregnant?! She didn't tell me about that when she was here!" Temari yelled. "So she WAS here?! Where is she now then?!" "Out, in the desert of Suna!" Kankuro once again didn't hesitate and ran outside.

"Where are you going?" Temari asked. "Going to search for my wife and child!" he yelled back. "Oh no..." He saw a sandstorm approaching. "This is bad! This is bad! This is soo bad!" He had not choice but to search cover until the sandstorm was over and he certainly didn't like the idea of you being out there alone and unprotected. The whole time, he was thinking about you and what could happen to you.

The sandstorm was over and Kankuro could finally come out of his hidingspot. When he came out, he noticed a person with (H/L)(H/C) hair laying on the sand. He ran over there and his fears were confirmed. You had been caught in the sandstorm. He picked you up and carried you to the hospital where a few doctors did everything they could to save your life. Kankuro kept waiting in the hospital for you to wake up. It was a few days later now and he was still sitting on the same spot. He hadn't gone home at all, even after the long pleades of his sister. He refused to leave you behind.

It was late when a doctor came in and woke the sleeping Kankuro up. "Sir, we have good news. The woman has woken up and is completely fine. Same goes for the baby." He let out a relieved sigh and asked if he could see you. The doctor nodded and let him in. You looked up when someone entered your room and you almost started crying when you saw your fiance. He walked over to you and pulled you into a hug he wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon.

"I'm so sorry about my behaviour all the time." he said. You just kept hugging him. "I have to tell you something, something I forgot to say when I walked away." you said when you both let go of eachother. "No need to, I already know about the baby." You shook your head. "NO, it's not that." He looked at you confused. What else could it be that you had to say? "I love you too." He smiled and hugged you again. At least he had his lovely girl back.

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