Shino Aburame x reader - Marriage

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The youngest member of the Aburame clan had just turned eighteen which meant it was time for him to get married and build up a family. His parents had been searching for the perfect girl for their son and they even made him go on a few dates. But they were all the same: Unbelievably girly, they thought he looked creepy and they were grossed out by his bugs or him himself. They were also bitches, annoying and brats. He was very annoyed by the fact that his parents wanted him to marry one of them instead of choosing himself.

"Shino! Where are you going?!" his mother shouted as he walked to the front door. "I'm going for a walk mom. I'm 18 now, at least allow me to go wherever I want to go, as you seem to be planning the rest of my life." he spat before he left the house. Sometimes, he had to get away from his parents, even if it was just for a little bit, he had to feel like he could choose his life every once in a while. He stopped walking when he reached the hot springs.

He wasn't planning on taking a bath or anything, there was just something that had caught his attention. A water dragonfly was flying right above the watersurface, which was unusual. "Can you see them?" a surprised voice behind him asked. He turned around and faced a young woman. "The dragonfly? Yeah, I see them." he answered in his monotone voice. She smiled. "You must be from the Aburame clan then." she pointed out before kneeling down beside the water and sticking out her hand.

The dragonfly flew into her hand and she fot up again. "I'm (Y/N). I'm from the (L/N) clan." He for a fact knew that was also a bug users clan. "I'm Shino." he said. "So (Y/N), what are you doing here in Konoha? Your clan doesn't exactly live next door." Shino asked curiously. "I have some business to attend to." she replied. He gave you an understanding nod. "Well, I got to go. See ya later, Shino Aburame." she said before disappearing.

"(Y/N)! Get ready!" your mother yelled. You sighed and went up to your room to put on the dress she gave you. You had to go on a date with some stupid guy because your parents wanted you to marry. It was maybe the 20th date in a month but you still have to do it. You got dressed and came back to your parents. "You look beautiful, now let's go." your mom said and you followed her outside and walked over the streets of Konoha, they were so different than your village's one.

You arrived at a big house and your mother knocked on the door. A woman, which was to you the same person as your mother, opened the door. She let you and your mother in and there you stood, waiting for your date. The boy entered and you recognized it. It was the Aburame guy you had met a few days ago when you were playing with your dragonflies. Shino seemed to recognize you too. "(Y/N)?" he asked as if he wasn't entirely sure if it was you or not. You nodded.

"You two know each other? Wondefull!" your mother exclaimed happily. After some basic business, you and Shino had to leave to a restaurant. You noticed he also hated to be forced to go on a date, just like you did. You both reached the restaurant but you stopped him from entering. "How about we don't go do something boring as a restaurant." you said. "We could do something else instead, our parents would never know" He nodded. "I like that idea."

You both decided to go for a walk and you sat down on a hill, looking at the full moon and the beautiful stars. "It stays amazing." you said out of the blue. "What?" "Nature." The Aburame was really surprised about your personality. He thought you were just like the others. As you mostly used dragonflies he thought  you would hate his bugs but they were crawling all over you and you hadn't even said something about it. The two of you watched the sky quietly and you enjoyed every bit of it.

It was getting late so you decided to go back. "You're so different of the other girls, you're not girly." he said. "Hey! Are you saying I'm a boy?!" you said before giving him a playfull push. He laughed and shoved you back. This lead both of you to keep shoving each other until you were both on the ground, laughing like crazy. He got up and helped you up too. "We're just like little kids." he said and you nodded while wiping away the tears from laughing

You both reached the Aburame house where both of your mothers were waiting. "How did it go?" they asked in unision. You and Shino looked at each other and smiled. "It went..." he started. "Awesome." you finished. You both started laughing again, causing your mothers to look weird but you couldn't care less. Shino looked at you and he knew you were the one he wanted and was going to marry. For once, he was glad that he had to go on a date.

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