Neji Hyuga x reader - Haunted part 2 (Halloween Special)

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You went back to that haunted house almost every day, just to see Neji and tak to him for a while. You always stayed as long as you could. He was a good listener and liked to hear how your day went. It made him feel a little more alive knowing he had made a friend, someone who doesn't run away for once. It meant the world to him and of course he told you about  his life as a ghost and his life before he had died top. You simply loved to hear about his past.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Neji." you said while getting up from the old, dusty couch in the livingroom of the house. "You're leaving already? You normally stay two more hours!" he stated. "I'm sorry. I promised Lee I'd eat ramen at Ichiraku's with him tonight." "As in a date." Neji asked with a slight tone of anger in his voice. Your eyes widened and you quickly shook your head no. "NO! It's nothing like that! We're just friends!" you said very quickly.

You said another goodbye before leaving the house and heading to Lee's. You were wondering why you were so afraid he'd think you were dating. It wasn't like you two had something. And why did he sound so angry when he thought you were going on a date? Maybe he was scared that if you started dating, you'd stop visiting him? No, you'd never do that and he should know that. He was one of your best friends and you'd never leave him behind.

Before you knew it, you had reached Lee's house. You were so caught up in your own thoughts you almost walked past it. Luckily, Lee had seen you coming and stood at his front door, waiting for you and calling your name. The energetic boy walked over to you and smiled his famous 'youthfull' smile. "Ready?" he asked and you nodded. Both of you left to Ichiraku's and took place. Lee ordered for you both. "So, (Y/N). I noticed you go to the old haunted house a lot after training." he said out of the blue, making you almost choke on your ramen.

You quickly drank some water and stopped coughing. "Y-you did?" you asked with a bit of a shaky voice. He nodded. "What are you doing there all the time?" You were a bad liar, if you'd try he'd immediatly know something was up. You sighed as there was no other option left than to tell him the truth. "Will you promise not to tell anyone?" "I promise!" You sighed again, only way deeper. You explained him about Nei being a lonely ghost and befriending him.

After you were done with your stary, Lee was looking at you with a disgusted and also worried look. "Lee?" you said. "Are you okay?" He jumped up and pointed at you. "He brainwashed you!" he shouted. "That monster is going to hurt you! Can't you see that?!" At this moment you were very happy everyone else had already left and you and him were here alone. "No Lee! You're completely wrong about that! Neji won't hurt me!" you yelled back. "Yes he will! HE IS EVIL!"

As soon as Lee had said that, all of the lights broke and it became icecold in the ramen shop. The tables started floating around. Neji appeared right in front of Lee. "Don't you dare take my (Y/N) away from me!" he yelled at in a demonic voice. "NO! You have to leave her alone!" Lee yelled back. Neji growled and sent Lee flying to the wall where he kept him pinned with some invisible force. Lee groaned in pain as he hit the wall with his back.

Neji went over t Lee and was ready to tear him into pieces. "Neji! Please! Stop!" you yelled desperatly. He turned his attention to you and his eyes immediatly softened. They then were filled with anger and pain again. "I knew it! You like this guy! You're gonna leave me! But I will not allow you to do that!" He had never spoken to you this way. He had never been angry at you. He was always nice and kind to you, which made you like him very much.

You backed away a bit but that didn't last for long as Neji quickly came over to you, grabbed your wrists and dragged you back to the old haunted house. He threw you into a room and locked the door. "Nobody will take you away from me! You're mine!" Tears filled your eyes and they started to spill soon after. You never thought that theone you loved could hurt you this much. It suddenly became quiet around the house and you started to get worried.

You then heard footsteps outside the door. "Neji!" The footsteps stopped. You knew it was him, you could sense it. "Please Neji! Let me out!" "Why?! So you can run back to your boyfriend?!" he yeleld angrily. "Neji, I don't like him that way, I don't love him." "I don't belive you. "NEJI!" you screamed. "I don't love him! I love you!" Neji's eyes widened. He opened the door. "Y-you love me?" he asked and you nodded. A smile appeared on his face before he faded away completely. He was in peace now as he finally had found someone who loved him.

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