Rock Lee x reader - Poison

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You threw a kunai at one of your opponents, who was currently distracted. You and team Gai had ben on a mission which you had completed perfectly. While you were returning to the Hidden village of Sound, you stumbled upon a very dangerous enemy. The Scorpion Master. He had an enormous scorpion which now had become your opponent. Neji and Tenten were fighting off the rest of his peasants while you and Lee were left to fight the big thing.  What they didn't know was that scorpions were your biggest fear.

You took your katana, your favorite weapon, from your back and tried to think of a plan. Suddenly, a rock hit the scorpions' head and made it turn it's attention to the one who threw it, Lee. Normally, you wouldn't really worry about him as he was badass and strong, but this time was different. He was badly injured from battle and even he couldn't keep handling the loss of blood. As you expected, the scorpion had him cornered and there was no way he could escape due his injuries.

"Leave my friend alone!" you yelled before running at it full speed and digging your katana into it's throat. It fell down onto the ground, not being able to move any more as it slowly started dying. You turned your back to the scorpion and turnerd at Lee, smiling and being glad he's okay. You were also happy to see that your teammates had finished fighting their opponents as well. Lee smiled back at you, but that smile soon faded. You were confused as you didn't know why.

Something stung your back and you coughed up some blood as it got out as quickly as it got in. You felt pain go trough your body. You then realised it was the scorpions tail. The poison spread quickly and everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Lee came running towards you and caught you as you collapsed onto the ground. He picked you up in his arms. "We have to get her to Lady Tsunade!" he shouted at his teammates. They nodded in agreement and they took off.

In Konoha, Lee carried you to the hospital where Lady Tsunade currently was healing some other injured shinobi that had come back from their mission. "Tsunade!" he yelled. She turned around. "What is it Lee?" she asked, a bit annoyed. Couldn't he see she was busy? "Quick! (Y/N) has been stung by a big scorpion and the poison spreads quickly." he said, now with panic in his voice. Her eyes widened and ordered him to lay you down on a bed.

Lee did as he was told and gently laid you down on a bed. "GET OUT! ALL OF YOU!" Tsunade yelled. Lee didn't move, he wanted to stay with you. "You too Lee." she said. "But.." "NO BUTS! GO!" Lee sighed and left your side, leaving with his teammates. While Tsunade was doing the best she could to stop the effects from the poison, Lee was training hard to get his mind off you, even thought hsi was quite impossible for him to do so.

Two days later, you had finally woken up from your treatment and Lee was headed to the hospital to visit you. He went to your room and you smiled widely as you saw him. "LEE!" you yelled happily. He laughed a bit and walked over to you before pulling you in a big hug. "I'm so glad you're back to normal." he said after pulling away from your hug. "Not completely back to normal, I'm afraid." Tsunade said. You and Lee both turned your attention to the big busted Hokage.

"What do you mean?" you both asked in unision. "The scorpion's poison has reached some vital chakra points, cutting off your chakra completly. You won't be able to do any genjustu or ninjutsu anymore." she said. That hurt you, right in the hart. You weren't really good at hand combat. You've never been. "And also, the state of your body doesn't allow you to improve your taijustu a lot." she added. Lee hugged you as he knew how you felt now.

You cried a little as soon as Tsunade had left your room. You couldn't use any ninjutsu, genjutsu and barely taijutsu. You could give up being a shinobi now. "WHY ME?!" you yelled out of frustration. Lee sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry." he said. You were quite confused at that. "Sorry for what?" "It's my fault, if I didn't let myself get cornered, it wouldn't have happened to you." he said. Your eyes widened. "NO! Lee! don't blame yourself! It was my own fault, I shouldn't have turned my back to the scorpion."

He still wasn't convinced. He got up and was about to leave but you grabbed his hand. "Lee, please stay. It's not your fault so I don't blame you and you shouldn't blame yourself either." you said. He turned back to you and hugged you again. "I'll help you with your taijutsu." he said. "R-really?" you asked. You were surprised he wanted to do that for you. "Yeah, of course I will!" he said, a bit more cheerfull now. You smiled widely.

"THANK YOU LEE! You're the best!" you shouted before grabbing his face and kissing him on the lips. You quickly let go as you realised what you just had done. You blushed deeply red. "I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't m-mean to do t-that." you apologized quickly. "Don't be, please. I liked it." he said, causing you to blush even redder. Well, turns out it wasn't all that bad now.

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