Sasuke Uchiha x reader - Grim Reaper (Halloween Special)

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You, (Y/N), was a wanted criminal. There was a lot of money on your head which made you the most wanted target of bounty hunters. So far, you had always managed to escape easily and stay out of their hunger for money. As you were a skilled ninja. Everytime they would try, rookies, experts. They all tried and failed. You were just too skilled for them. The reason why you were even a target for bountyhunters was because of a big mistake you had made years ago.

You had killed a whole village in one night. But it wasn't your fault. Someone, you still don't know who, had taken over your mind and had knocked on every door, had killed every person and burnt every house and building in the whole village. Bad enough for you, someone had watched in the distance and had seen you doing all these things, while all you were doing was watching trough your own eyes how someone else did all these cruel things with your body. It wasn't like you asked for it, it had just happened. You don't know why, you don't know who.

When your own village heard what 'you' had done, they wanted to capture and execute you. You, of course, didn't want that so you ran, not to somewhere in particulary, you just ran and ran and ran. And you still were. You couldn't just stay somewhere as people would recognize you and immediatly try to capture you for the money on you head. You made sure you weren't recognizable if you did decide to go into a village to stock on food and other supplies. Nonetheless, you never stayed for your own safety.

During nights, you mostly stayed in caves or old hideouts that nobody used anymore. You didn't like it, but you were used to it by now as you've been doing this for quite some time now. You were now packing your stuff to continue your endless travel to death. Multiple times you'd thought about letting yourself get caught. It would make your life a hell of a lot more easy. But still you kept fighting back, as if your body refused to give up life yet.

You finished packing and erased all traces of you being here, staying or even passing here. After you were sure they couldn't find you, you left and followed he path you were following for years now. Everything seemed calm, but you didn't let your guard down, knowing there would be one of them hiding somewhere, ready to encounter you. Not much later, your suspisions were confirmed as three ninja appeared on the road. "We finally found her!" one of them yelled excited.

You tried to guess their strenght and found out you were stronger so you could easily beat them, which gave you some hope. That hope soon faded as you suddenly got locked in by more and more bountyhunters. You growled softly. When you wer completely closed in, they all attacked at the same time, and even before you could progress anything, you were laying on the ground, losing a HUGE amount of blood. Slowly, everything became black and your life drained away from your body.

Your sould lifted itself from your body. A black figure was standing in fron of you with a big scythe. You weren't exactly afraid of this figure, even though you had a pretty good idea of who it was. "I am The Grim Reaper, also known as Death itself." he said with a dark, low voice. He took off his hood, revealing a boy's face with raven black hair and a smirk plastered on the face. "I've been waiting for your death, (Y/N)." he said.

"Why?" you asked. His smirk grew even wider. "Everytime I got close to get you, you managed to escape my deadly grasp. You always managed to stay alive. And I wanted you. I wanted you to join the afterlife." he said. You were still confused even after his explaination. "That just doesn't make any sense." you said. He laughed a bit. "You really don't get it, do you?" You shook your head. "I didn't just want you to die to sent you to the afterlife." he said.

"I want to sent you to the afterlife, to stay with me." Your eyes widened. "What?! No way!" you yelled. He laughed again. "Oh (Y/N), you don't have a choice at all. You're going to the afterlif with me, if you want this or not." His laughter become more and more insanely. You felt your body shake in fear. What the hell is happening. The Grim Reaper then lifter his scythe and cut of the strings that bound your soul to your body and with that he also cut your last string of life.

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