Naruto Uzumaki x reader - Demon (Halloween Special)

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You were escorting an important visitor to Konoha as that was your mission. Little did you know it would be the last mission you'd ever do. You could see the gate, you were almost there. Suddenly, three shinobi came out of the bushes. You and your teammates immediatly jumped into a fight with them, protecting the person you were escorting. One of the shinobi saw you as an easy target, oh boy what was he wrong.

You made your hand sign. "SOUNDBLAST JUTSU!" you yelled before you started singing in a VERY high note. Your opponent held his ears as his ears were almost bleeding due the sound. The ninja couldn't handle it anymore and fainted. You smirked at your little victory. Only, you had been so caught up in your jutsu, you didn't gave any attention to the rest of the fight. You'd have to pay for that mistake... with your life. You still stood there,  laughing at the pathetic opponent you had.

While you were sucked up in your victory, one of the other shinobi who had defeated one of your teammates snuck up to you. You suddenly felt something sharp going trough your stomach. You started to cough up blood as you pulled out the blade and tossed it aside. The same shinobi then held another blade to your throat. "I'd quickly say your prayers if I were you." Your eyes widened of fear. But you didn't had much time to panic as the shinobi cut your throat, killing you at the place.

You woke up and opened your eyes. All you saw was darkness and you started panic as you thought you were blind. But then you remembered you had died. Your vision slowly came back and you noticed you were at the middle of Konoha. How was this possible. You saw Konohamaru, you had always been like a bigger sister to him. You walked over to him, maybe he knew more about what was going on. Konohamaru saw you and had a weird look on his face.

As you looked closer, you noticed it was a look of fear in his eyes. Why was he afraid. You wanted to speak up but he started screaming. "AAAAAAAAAH! A MONSER!" and with that he ran away. "A monster?" you said confused. You looked down at yourself noticing you did look like a monter. Your skin was black with white claws. Your hair was also white now and you had to admit you looked quite scary.

You ran away from the village, not wanting to scare anyone anymore. While you were running, people that were out on the street backed away from you. They were scared At the gate, the ninjas on guard noticed you. They attacked you, taking you'd be dangerous for the village. You couldn't find the power to fight back as they used to be your friends. That was before you became... this thing. They, however, attacked you with full strength. You closed your eyes, prepared to die again.

As nothing happened, you opened your eyes again. You noticed something attacking them. It was similar to you. Only it wasn't black but orange. The ninjas retreated as they knew they couldn't win to whatever what was attacking them. You watched after them as they ran away. Suddenly, the orange monster turned to you and spoke up. "Are you alright?" The voice somehow reminded you of someone. You couldn't quite put your finger on it. Then it hit you.

"N-Naruto?" you asked. "(Y/N)?" the same surprise sounded in his voice as it did in yours. You nodded. You remembered his death as you saw it happen. You quickly shook of that memory. "Y-you were killed by the same ninja as me, weren't you?" he asked. Now you thought about it, it was the same one! You nodded. Naruto explained to you that the blade he used was covered with some kind of liquid that turned you into a demon.

You and Naruto spent the years together, travelling around and staying out of sight of shinobi and other living people. Mostly, this worked. But sometimes you were seen. Luckily you always got away with you. The both of you were now laying in a cave. He smiled at you and you smiled back. "However being a demon for an eternity is very long, I'm glad I can spent it with you." he said, which made you smile even wider.

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