Sabaku no Gaara x reader - My Mummy (Halloween Special)

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"(Y/N), I want you to guard the sarcophague tonight." your sensei told you. You nodded and took your spot when all the visitors had left. Konoha had decided to do some sort of exhibition about the temples and  pyramids of Suna. Suna had sent a sarcophague that was made out of a lot of gold. In the sarcophague was the body of one of their Kazekage's named Gaara. You didn't really got why you had to guard it. It was only a dead body after all. But Suna had clearly requested it was guarded 24/7.

You were getting tired so you decided to get a coffee real quick. When you got back to the exhibition room after a few minutes, you took a sip of your coffee and walked over to the sarcophague. You yawned while doing so. When you arrived, your eyes widened and you dropped your cup of cofee. The sarcophague was open and the body was gone! This wasn't good at all. You started panicking. You hadn't even been gone for 15 minutes and the body of an important Kazekage had disappeared.

'Way to go (Y/N), you thought to yourself. In the hope the thief was still in the building, you started to explare the hallways and rooms. As you walked trough the hallway, you noticed a lot of sand on the ground. So the thief was most likely a sand ninja. But why would they steal their own property? It just didn't make any sense to you! You followed the trail of the sand and after a while of walking around, the sand led you back to the exhibition room.

"What the heck?! Are they playing with me?!" you said to yourself, a bit frustrated. In the exhibition room, nothing looked out of place. It looked exactly as you had left it. You took one stepped one step inside and the lights fell you. "Great!" you groaned. You took your flashlight and started to look around. If you didn't find the body, you'd most certainly become one yourself. "How the hell did I manage to lose a dead person?!" you said irritated.

"Who said I was dead?" you heard a deep voice behind you. You swallowed and turned around. You saw a guy and he was completely covered in bandages. Well, except for his head. He had red hair and a sign on his forehead meaning 'love'. So this was the famous Gaara of the Desert, or  Sabaku no Gaara. You had heard a lot of stories about him. He was a jinchuuriki and had the power to control sand. You swallowed once again.

You tried to say something or scream, but you couldn't so you just ran for it. "Don't run from me." Gaara said but you just kept running. If he thought you'd be staying then he was completely nuts. You ran into a cupboard and locked it. You didn't care you looked like a coward right now. You didn't care fo the concequences you'd get tomorrow. You didn't care about anything but your life right now. You didn't hear anything outside the cupboard so you felt like you were safe. Oh boy, were you wrong.

You felt something on your leg so you took your flashlight to see what it was. It was sand. It was slowly wrapping around your legs. Your eyes widened and you tried to get it off but that didn't work. The sand started to pull you out of the cupboard. Somehow, the sand had managed to open the lock. You got dragged trough the hallway, back to the last place you wanted to be now. The exhibition room. You started clawing your nails into the ground which was once again no use.

The sand pulled you up so you stood on your feet again. You opened your eyes and saw Gaara standing right in front of you. Maybe a little too close for your liking as you were still afraid of him. "Please, don't be afraid of me. They already were when I was alive, don't let it be the same now I'm dead, please." he said. He had a really pleading look on his face and you instantly felt bad for you reaction from earlier.

"I-I guess your not all that scary." you said. In fact, he indeed wasn't scary at all, only lonely. From that night, you agreed with your sensei to guard the exhibiton room every night till he had to go back to Suna. You were kind of sad when he had to go. 'But he'll always be my mummy!' you thought to yourself, smiling a little.

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