Neji Hyuga x reader - Haunted (Halloween Special)

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It was the 31th of October, also known as Halloween. Your best friends, Tenten and Lee, had dared you to stay the night at a 'haunted house'. Of course, you agreed. You didn't want to look weak in front of them. Besides, you didn't believe in ghosts or anything anyway. But now that you were standing in front of the house they had picked out for you, you were getting doubts about that.

It was an old house at the edge of Konoha. It stood empty for years already. No living soul has been in here for god knows how long and now you were going to stay the night here. "Come on! I thought you weren't scared!" Tenten yelled at you. You straightened your back and put on a confident face before turning to her and Lee. "I'm not! I was just looking at the door, it's nice." you said. You then turned back to the door and entered the house.

In the house, you picked a big, empty room and laid your sleepingbag on the ground along with your backpack with your stuff. You then took your flashlight and went to explore the house a little bit. Just as you thought, it was just a simple old house. There wasn't any sign of something supernatural or unusual. "Did they really think they could scare me?" you said to yourself before you returned to the room you had chosen.

You laid down on your sleepingbag and tried to get some sleep because you figured that if you were sleeping, the night would pass by way quicker. After a few hours of turning and sighing, you got up. You weren't going to sleep anytime soon so once again, you went to explore the house. You came into the living room, you had been here before but this time, it seemed a little different. It felt... colder. You shrugged it off as your imagination and kept walking.

You heard a loud noise which made you jump. When you looked, you saw it was just the window that flew open because of the wind. "They made me crazy. I'm being scared for nothing!" you said. Then, a candle flew past your face. You rubbed your eyes and opened them again, the candle was still there, floating. You let out a loud scream and ran back to the room where your stuff was. You didn't care about the dare anymore.

You took your stuff and ran as fast as you could to the front door. You wanted to open it, but you couldn't. How hard you tried, the door remained closed. You were now panicking. You decided it would be for the best to just run and hide. You ran up to the room you had chosen once again and blocked the door with some furniture. This had to be about enough to black whatever the fuck was out there, out. You stood against the wall furthest from the door, still scared shitless.

Suddenly, the door flew open, sending all the furniture flying in the room. A chair was headed your way pretty fast and even though you saw it coming now, you'd never be able to dodge it in time. You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact that never came. You opened your eyes again and noticed the chair floating right in front of your face. It then flew towards the ground somewhere else in the room. You blinked a few times, taking the time to progress what just happened.

"What the heck is going on here?" you whispered to yourself. "I am going on here." you heard a voice say and suddenly, in front of you, a boy appeared. He was obviously a ghost. He also looked very pale, but probably not as pale as you right now. "I'm Neji Hyuga. I used to be from the branch family from the Hyuga clan. This was my house but we all died due a big war. My sould keeps wandering around here." he said.

You couldn't believe what you were just seeing. A real ghost! "I-I'm (Y/N)." you managed to stutter. "Nice to meet you. It's been a while to see someone around here." Neji said. He then noticed the scared look on your face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to make contact with you." he explained. "It's okay Neji, don't sweat it." you said. Suddnely, a mishievious grin appeared on your face. "Could you do me a favor?" you asked him.

The next morning you met up with Tenten and Lee. "Hah, that house wasn't haunted at all!" you said. "We wanna take a look." Tenten said and Lee nodded before following her inside. You counted to three and saw the two of them running out of the house screaming. You started to laugh your ass off. "Did I do good?" Neji asked you. "You did perfect!"

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