Shino Aburame x reader - Follow The Butterfly

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You were sitting on the ground in the middle of a flowerfield. It was a sunny say and you were wearing a nice white dress and you were enjoying the sun. You also loved the beautiful flowers surrounding you. You closed your eyes till you felt a soft touch on your arm. You opened your eyes and saw a beautiful (F/C) butterfly. You smiled wathing it walking over your arm before it flew away. You watched after it.

"(Y/N)!" your mother yelled which made you jump. You opened your eyes and you were back into your room. Gone beautiful flowerfield. Gone warm sun. Gone beautiful butterflies. You sighed and got up. You quickly showered and got dressed before leaving you house. "(Y/N)!" a voice behind you yelled. You turned around to see your best friend, Naruto running to you. "Hey Naruto." you greeted him. "Wanna get some ramen?" he asked and you nodded before following him to Ichiraku's.

The two of you entered and sat down. You both made your order and ate in silent. While eating, you were looking outside seeing people pass. You sighed and finsihed your food. "I'm going for a walk." you said. "Want me to join?" Naruto asked but you shook your head. "I need some alone time." He nodded and you left Ichiraku's after you left money to pay for your ramen. You walked to the forest and climbed into a tree, sitting down on a thick branch that could carry your weight.

You closed your eyes and enjoyed the rest. This was the place you came to to rest and think. Mostly the last though. "What are you doing up there?" someone asked underneath you. You sighed and opened your eyes, looking down. Was it so much to ask for some rest? You recognized the person under you. "Oh, Shino, it's you." you said. "I just came here to think." "Think about what?" he asked curiously. "I had a nice dream and I wanted to relive it."

Shino and you kept taling for a bit. You even had told him about your nice dream. Even though you always thought he was a weird guy, you had to admit he was nice and a good listener. You noticed one of his bugs crawling over to you and you were a bit scared so you crawled back. "He won't hurt you." Shino said. "Y-y-you sure about that?" you asked nervously and he nodded. He picked up the bug. "Hold out your arm." he said. "Wha-?"

"Hold out your arm." he repeated himself. You shakily held out your arm and he carefully placed the bug on your arm. You closed your eyes and waited for something to happen. The only thing that happened were tiny little soft legs walking over your arm. You opened your eyes and watched the little bug making a walk. You giggled a little. "It tickles a little bit." Shino smiled at you. "How can you stand that? You have like thousands of bugs crawling over you."

"I'm used to it." he told you. "That makes sense." The two of you kept talking for a little bit longer but it was getting late so you decided it was time to go home. "I have to go. See ya later Shino." you said before jumping off the branch as he had joined you there and you walked back home. "I'm home!" you shouted as you entered your house. Without waiting for any response, you went up to your ooom and laid down on your bed.

The next morning you were woken up by the bright sunlight. You smiled and got up. You took picked your favorite clothes and put them on. You threw your pj's on your bed and noticed a (F/C) butterfly sitting on your pillow. It flew up and kept flying circles around you. You followed it with your eyes. It then flew to your window and it sat down on the tree next to your window, as if it was waiting for you to follow.

You climbed out of your window, onto the tree. The butterfly flew up and into the street. You followed the butterfly to wherever it was going, simply for no reason, you felt like doing it. It lead you trough several streets of Konoha. It stopped in front of a field. And not just any field. A flowerfield. You smiled widely as you walked trough the field, only to walk into someone in the middle of the field. "Oh, I'm sorry." you said.

"You're finally here." "Shino?" you asked. "Yes, it's me." he replied. You were kind of confused. "You liked the butterfly? It was your favorite color, right?" he asked. "Yeah... Wait. You sent the butterfly?" you asked. "Yeah." "Why?" He blushed a bit. "After you told me your dream I could tell you really liked it and I wanted to surprise you. I wanted to set up something nice so I could tell you... tell you I like you." he said while looking at his feet.

You smiled at the shy boy in front of you. "I like you too Shino." you said. He looked up at you. "Are you serious?" he asked, sounding surprised. "Yes." you said. He smiled widely. "D-do you wanna be my girlfriend?" he asked. You smiled again. "Yes." you replied. He pulled you close and hugged you, making the moment really perfect.

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