Kiba Inuzuka x reader - The Lone Wolf (Halloween Special)

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You were walking trough the forest. It was dark and the full moon was shining brightly. It gave you enough light to see where you were going as the forest wasn't exactly the perfect place to be in the dark. Especially not at midnight. You tripped over a thick branch. "Ouch!" You got back up and straigtened your clothes from the fall. You sighed and started walking again, you had to find your house, and soon.

You had the feeling you were walking in circles. All the trees just looked the same. You heard a loud howl and it sent shivers down your spine. It also made you walk faster. You didn't want to be here any longer than necessary. The howl sounded again, only louder this time. You now started running. You heard footsteps behind you but you were too scared to look behind.

You thought about the reason you were even in the forest. Your mother had been telling you to clean your room for so many times now and as you didn't do it immediatly, she started yelling. She had called you lazy and worthless. She had said you weren't going to get anywhere in life with your attitude. You got angry and had left the house for a walk to calm down. You had decided that you could walk in the forest as nobody was going to bug you. You were now regretting that decision.

The howl sounded again. It was very close, you knew it. The footsteps got louder also. You were now running as fast as you could but still it seemed like you weren't moving forward at all. "Stop running." a very low voice said. You swallowed and slowly stood still. You didn't know but you felt like you had to listen to whoever was talking to you. Out of the shadows, a figure walked over to you.

Your eyes widened in fear when the figure came into the moonlight and made itself visible. It was a half man half wolf like thing. You backed away slightly, getting ready to run. "Don't run." it growled. You swallowed again. It started to come closer again. "S-s-stay where you are!" you screamed. "Wait! I'm not-" "Don't come near me!" you yelled, not letting it say what it wanted to say. Suddenly, you didn't hesitate anymore, you just ran. "Why do they always run?" you heard the figure say when you were running.

When you reached an open spot in the middle of the forest, you stopped running and caught your breath. You thought about what the thing had said before you ran. "Why do they always run?" What did he mean with that? Then, you heard the footsteps again. Was it still following you? "Come out!" you said, with confident in your voice. The same thing as before walked out of the shadows. "You're suddenly not scared anymore?" he asked, a slight tone of anger was hearable in his voice.

"What are you?" you asked, ignoring his question. "I'm a werewolf. Everybody always runs from me but I never did something and I'm not planning on doing so either." "A werewolf? I thought that were just fairlytails!" you exclaimed. "Well, I am real, ain't I?" he asked and you nodded. "So, who are you then?" you asked. "That's none of your business! Besides, if you knew, you'd tell the village and they'd hunt me down." he spat.

He sighed and then started to run away on it's four paws. "No! No wait! That's not what I-" you started but he was already gone. You sighed and decided it would be for the bes to just keep going and search for your home so you could forget about all this. You walked around for a few more hours till you collapsed onto the ground of tiredness. You slept on the ground all night.

The next morning you were woken by two hands shaking you. You opened your eyes and saw a boy with brown hair. He didn't have a shirt on and his pants were a bit ripped. You recognized the boy as Kiba Inuzuka. You had seen him a few times in the village before but you had never talked to him. "What are you doing here in the forest?" you asked him. "I could ask you the same." he said. You had the feeling you had heard the voice before but couldn't quite put your finger on it.

Then it hit you. "You are the werewolf!" you blurted out. He sighed. "So you know?" He wanted to walk away but you stopped him. "I wanted to say I'm sorry I just assumed you were bad. I know you're not. That's what I wanted to tell you yesterday but you ran off like that." you said. "Really?" he said in disbelief. You nodded. He smiled widely and hugged you. "Thank you for accepting me." he said.

He led you the way out of the forest and walked you home. The days and weeks following, the two of you talked and hung a lot with each other and every full moon you went into the forest with him so he wouldn't be alone anymore. And eventually the two of you started dating.

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