Sabaku no Gaara x The Diary

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"TEMARI" you yelled at your best friend. "Oh shit." she said before starting to run. "TEMARI! COME BACK!" you yelled as you ran after her. She kept running and you followed her even in her house. "GIVE IT BACK NOW!" you yelled. "NEVER!" she yelled back. You growled and jumped onto the table between you two and ran over to her. You wanted to jump at her but she ducked away, causing you to fall into Kankuro's lap. He had been sitting on the couch and watch you chase around Temari.

You growled and got up without even saying sorry. You immediatly resumed chasing Temari. "TEMARI! IF YOU DON'T GIVE IT BACK I SWEAR I'll KILL YOU!" you screamed frustrated. Temari just laughed. "What did you even take?" Kankuro asked. Temari smirked and held up a little notebook that was very precious to you. "Her diary! It's very intresting." she said. You growled and tried to grab  the notebook. She was way too fast for you and opened the notebook, starting to read out loud.

"Kankuro is a sweaty, stinky idiot with idiotic face paint and ridiculous cat ears. He's a player and he'll never be able to keep a girl." Kankuro glared at you. "I'll keep it in mind." "Wait! It's not done yet. Nonetheless, he's a good friend." she said. I tried to grab my notebook once again. "Na-ah!" she said. "OOH! This looks intresting. Gaara..." she said. Your eyes widened and you now tried even harder to get it back.

"Everytime I look at gaara, my heart starts beating faster and I start to blush a dark shade of red. And when he isn't around, he's all I think about. His beautiful red hair, his nice yes, his everything. Everything about him makes me happy. I think I'm in love with him, not that I'd ever tell him, he'll never feel the same." Temari read out loud. You were now blushing furiously. Kankuro smirked. "Aww, does ickle little (Y/N) have an ickle little crush on my ickle little brother?" he said teasingly.

"S-s-shut up!" you yelled at him angrily. You grabbed your diary and stomped away. As you walked out, you walked into Gaara. You blushed again and then quickly left to your house. You loved Temari and Kankuro, they were your best friends. But this time they had gone too far. You arrived at your house and went up to your room. You threw your diary aside and sat down on your bed. "Why did she have to read my diary?!" Not much later, you fell asleep with your clothes still on.

-Meanwhile at the sand siblings' house-
Kankuro and Temari watched as you stomped away angrily. Just when she left, Gaara walked in. "Why is she so angry?" he asked us. "I might have taken her diary and I might have read it out loud and it might have contained a big secret." Temari said guilty. Gaara sighed and rolled his eyes. "Way to go Temari." Gaara said before he sat down on on the couch, next to Kankuro.

"Should we tell him?" Kankuro whispered to Temari. "Leave it to me." she said and he nodded. She walked over to Gaara and sat down next to him. "So, little brother, is there a girl you like?" she asked. "What? Why would you ask me that?" he asked. "No reason..." she said. "Does it have something to do with (Y/N)'s secret?" he asked. "H-h-how did you know that?" Temari asked shocked. "I heard you read it out loud."

"I'm going up to my room." Gaara said and he did so. Temari sighed. "I feel bad for taking her diary." she said. "Ah, well, it's now too late anyways." Kankuro said, shrugging.

-Back to you-
You woke up as you heard someone knocking on your window. You got up from your bed and opened your window, only to reveal the red head you knew all too well. "Gaara? W-w-what are you doing here?" you asked in surprise. "I wanted to talk to you." he said in his monotone voice. "Oh, okay, come in." you said and he climbed into your room.

"I know you think about me." he said, immediatly to the point. You blushed and looked down at your feet. "I-I..." you started but Gaara stopped you. "You don't have to say anyting." he said and he lifted your chin, forcing you to look at him. He then kissed you gently on your lips. "Be mine?" he asked. You nodded and smiled. That night, you fell asleep cuddling with Gaara, your boyfriend.

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