Sabaku no Kankuro x reader - Puppets

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You had travelled all the way to Suna, the hidden village of sand. It had been a long way to get here but it was all worth it as you knew that would find what you needed. You walked trough the city looking around. I stopped at a shop where they sold dolls and puppets. "Excuse me?" you said carefully to the woman who was in charge of the shop. She looked up at you. "Can I help you?" she asked. "I'm searching for someone. He's a puppetmaster." you told her.

The woman immediatly knew who you meant and gave you an adress. You were searching for the adress and bumped into someone. It was a girl with four pigtails. "I'm sorry." you said politely. "It's okay. You're not from here, are you?" she immediatly said as she noticed your foreheadprotector. You were from Konoha. "No, I came here because I got something important to do." you told the girl. "I'm searching for a guy, he's a puppetmaster."

"I know who you're searching for, follow me." she said before she started walking. You followed immediatly. "My name is Temari by the way." she told you. "I'm (Y/N)." "The guy you're searching for is my brother, Kankuro. I don't know if he's home but I do think so." she said. The two of you walked for a little before she stopped at a nice house and entered. She motioned you to follow her so you did. "KANKURO!" she yelled into the house.

"He isn't home." a low, monotone voice said that caused you to turn around. You saw a redhead with 'love' tattooed on his forehead. "That's my other brother, Gaara." Temari said. "Temari, why did you bring this stranger to our house?" Gaara asked. "She's here for Kankuro." she replied. Gaara and Temari started a discussion wether it was a good idea to bring you here or not. Eventually, Gaara gave up and left the house.

As soon as Gaara had left, a boy with a black suit and a hat with cat ears entered. "Temari? Who's this?" he asked. "This is (Y/N), she was searching for you when I found her so I brought her here." she said. "You're here... for me? Why?" he asked. "I heard you're one of the best puppetmasters. As I am very intrested in puppetcontrol, I wanted to ask you if you could teach me." she said to him. Kankuro didn't know what to sayy at first. "Okay." he then suddenly said. "I'll teach you."

You were so happy he'd teach you. you've been wanting to become a puppetmaster for a while now. The two of you had agreed to start the next day. You went to your hotel and changed into your pj's before crawling into your bed. You smiled once again at the thought of learning the art of puppetcontrol. And with that thought, you fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up early and got dressed as quickly as you could and ran to the place you had decided to meet up with Kankuro. You were surprised to see he was already there as you were too early. "Good morning." you greeted him energetically. "Morning." he replied before yawining. He clearly wasn't a morning person. You giggled a bit as he tried to look awake but clearly wasn't.

"First you'll have to learn to mold your chakra to your hands into strings. Only then you'll be able to control a puppet." he told you and so you started to concentrate at molding your chakra. It took you quite some time but finally you managed to make chakra strings. "Well done." he said surprised before he took out a practice puppet. "Let's see how you do on the real deal."

You concentrated and made your chakra strings connect with the puppet and made it move. It went quite wel but it didn't go as fluent as it's supposed to go. You groaned. "What's wrong? You're doing great." Kankuro said. "It's not bad, but your movements are way more fluent and fast." you complained.

"Your fingers aren't relaxed enough." he said before walking closer to you. He was now standing right behind you and he placed his arms and hands over yours. "Relax your fingers and put your hands a little bit higher." he said. You felt his breath on your neck as he was standing really close now. You blushed a bit as you did as he said.

It went perfect now. "I DID IT!" you yelled happily. Kankuro laughed a bit. He still didn't let go of you. "Uhm, Kankuro... you can let go of me now..." you said blushing. He didn't say anything but he turned you around and let his arms slide down to your waist. He then kissed you which caught you in surprise. "Who said I wanted to let go?" he said smirking. You blushed more but then kissed him again. He kissed back. "Hmm, I'd like more of that." he said. "Then come get it."

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