Emotional Inebriation

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You have an effect on me ...


I'd like to think I'm psychologically sound ~

But I get so fucked up,

whenever you're around.

I can't catch my breath, can't walk a straight line ~

I'm dizzy as hell,

and can't stop talking in rhyme!


You have an effect on me that I can't explain ~

Just the sight of you,

sets my heart aflame.

The smell of your perfume is so intoxicating ~

One whiff and I'm hooked,

your addict in the making!


I can't control myself whenever you're nearby ~

I can't move my limbs,

It's like I'm frozen in time!

This spell you cast has got me inebriated ~

Like a drunken fool,

I'm emotionally wasted!


This dream like state just impairs my vision ~

There's no way to stop,

this room from spinnin'!

I keep seeing doubles and I feel like I'm high ~

Can't escape your spell,

No matter how I try!


It really doesn't matter if it's frustrating ~

I have to admit,

It's kind of sedating!

A matter of fact, I enjoy this infactuation~

In my drunken stupor,

My emotional inebriation!


You have an effect on me ...


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