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A ringing sound woke up Natalie from her deep sleep. She hummed annoyed and tried to get Mark to turn it off. But as she reached for his side she realised that he was not there and instead she had taken the whole bed, her head was still on her pillow, but the rest of the body was lied on Mark's side. Natalie opened her eyes confused and looked under the bed, wondering if she had pushed him down during the night. But then she heard the shower and she realised that he had just woken up earlier.

"Hello?" Natalie answered her phone, the sound of her voice making it visible that she had just woken up. But that didn't stop Liam on the other side of the phone, who was having a some type of a breakdown as he started speaking to Natalie. "Whoa, whoa, slow down. You're doing what? You're having Callie's baby?"

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Natalie had somehow managed to get out of bed and get dressed while Liam was still on the phone. He was informing her about the news Callie had given him, about how after they had slept together, one time, to mend their broken hearts, Callie got pregnant. And Liam was the father of that baby. And Liam was freaking out, because he and Lexie had gotten closer again the last few days, but Callie's pregnancy didn't really help him with being with the woman that he loved. 

"How did this happen?" Natalie asked as she walked down the stairs. "Wait, no, don't tell me how, tell me when. Tell me why, weren't you supposed to be trying to get back with Lexie? She seemed more open about you guys being serious, like living together kind of serious."

"Yeah, well, I had an one night stand, after ages and this happened. I-I don't know what to do. Callie said that I could be the cool uncle, but I don't want to be that guy. I want to be a dad. I could be a dad, right?" Liam wondered and Natalie smiled at the idea of both of them having babies at the same time.

"Of course you could." Natalie encouraged him. But as she entered the kitchen, she stopped listening to what Liam was telling her. "What is that?" She mouthed to her daughter as she pointed at a glass filled with a green kind of liquid.

Amber had woken up way too early that day, just so she could prepare breakfast for her mother. Because Natalie was not the one to eat regularly. She could survive with coffee and water. And water not so much.

"Your breakfast." Amber said excited as she pulled out of the toaster, two toast and put them on a plate with an omelette.

"I'm sorry, Liam" Natalie talked to her friend, "I'm gonna have to hung up, my daughter is making me drink magic potions." Natalie turned off her phone and looked at Amber, who was smiling pleased at herself for what she had made. "Yeah, I am not drinking that." Natalie scoffed as she looked with disgust the green smoothie.

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