One Shot - Correcting The Past

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AN: This One Shot was requested by @Mystishhh98 about a million years ago, I hope it's what you wanted honey. I am so sorry it is finally being published on here so late. I feel terrible! Maybe the fact that this One Shot is almost 10,000 words can make up for it??

 I feel terrible! Maybe the fact that this One Shot is almost 10,000 words can make up for it??

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Also, I'm no longer taking any requests for One Shots. This is because I am going to be slowly editing the ones already posted here over the next few months. Sorry to all that wanted to, and have been, making requests, I will let you know as soon as I am ready to start writing more of your ideas again.

Happy reading! This isn't edited, so if you spot any typos then go ahead and point them out lol :):)

There's a picture of Isabel at the top, and also a cracking song by Jamie xx. Enjoy!


For as long as Isabel could remember, her best friend Kieran held a special place in her heart. They'd grown up a few doors down from each other, their parents had become close friends, they went to school together, so they saw each other more often than not.

On her sixteenth birthday, Isabel decided to be brave, and tell Kieran how she felt. They'd be going into college the following year, and from there, university. There was no telling how long they had left together, so it was now or never.

Kieran and both of their parents had thrown a surprise party for Isabel over at Kieran's house, and all her friends and family had been invited. She cornered him just after everyone had sung happy birthday, and confessed that she loved him. Kieran had told her that he loved her too, but he was merely expressing platonic feelings for his best friend, not understanding that Isabel felt more deeply for him than that, and had just spilled her heart out to him in front of all of their family and friends.

Isabel had severely misunderstood the type of love Kieran was returning to her, and so when she spied her friend Melissa planting a kiss on Kieran's lips later in the evening, she was heartbroken. She decided to confront him, and she became a laughing stock in front of the teenage guests at the party. Isabel had no choice but to leave what she now labelled as the most embarrassing night of her life.

Melissa and Kieran had become a couple before long, and Isabel was left isolated in school. Everyone separated themselves from her, jeering and laughing whenever they were both within close proximity to her. Bullies began to notice she was an easy target, and school life became almost unbearable within the space of a couple of weeks.

Kieran hadn't stuck up for Isabel in the face of bullies, he had been too embarrassed by the events of the party that he felt it best to stay away from her as to not lead her on any further. However, the bullying had got too much for him to stand by and watch, and he eventually stood up and told them where they could stick their names and fists.

Unfortunately for him, Isabel's mother had spoken to the principle previous to sudden discovery of his backbone, and had planned to pull her from the school the following week. Isabel's parents retired to the coastal town of St. Ive's, and brought her with them. Isabel's goodbye with Kieran was bittersweet, he may have stood up for her, but it was all too little too late.

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