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Hi again. I went back and revised the story a bit cuz it didn't match his personality that well. But anyways heres a third chapter.

Also idk why so many people like this story but here ya go

This might be short but i will make the next one longer 😁

"It's the end of the day so you can leave y'know! " Sunny stared at you after looking at the clock.

"Oh, i know. " you laughed lightly, tucking your hair behind your ears as you reached down to grab some trash on the ground. "But i have to clean up first, the area and you. "

"Oh, yeah. Clean up! " He started walking around the area but instead of picking up trash, he would go to blocks and stack them. He did have trouble with it though. "Which one goes on the top and which one on the bottom?! "

You sighed, a smiled forming on your face. You threw all the trash away and looked around the place. It was pretty clean now all you had to do was clean Sunny.

"Sunny! You know i have to clean you too and then i can leave you alone for the night. "  He looked over, the blocks stacked in order. He ran over, his run made you giggle.

"Okay, the back rooms are back there ! " He pointed to a door and you grabbed his hand, leading him over. His hand was cold, something you'd expect from a robot.

"Sit down. " you pushed him down into a seat and grabbed some supplies. Dipping the cloth into the water, you began scrubbing Sunny off. He seemed powered off as you finished without him saying a word. "All done. " you stood up, wiping sweat off of your forehead.

"Thanks friend. " he hugged you again, you weren't able to hug him back because he had his arms wrapped tightly around yours so you stood there awkwardly. 

"Just call me y/n. " you told him, patting his shoulder. "After all, i'll be here for awhile. "

You grinned at him, walking towards the door with him trailing behind you. You walked out, heading to grab your small purse and leave but a hand grabbing your wrist and pulling you backwards stopped you.

You let out a noise of surprise when you fell on a soft, yet uncomfortable place. You looked around to see you were in the ball pit. You hummed, knowing Sunny was the only one really here.

You gasped, startled as a sun shaped head popped out of the pit, laughing. You furrowed your brows.

"Sunny! Not funny. I have to leave now or my parents might get worried. " you began to push yourself up but he grabbed wrist again, pulling you back down with him. You opened your mouth to yell at him but he stopped you with his own energetic voice.

"Can't you stay! Have a sleepover with me! " He tilted his head and you shook your head, knowing that it wasn't aloud.

"It's against policy. I'm sorry, Sunny. " You patted his shoulder again before getting up and stepping out of the ball pit. "I'll see you tomorrow though. " you waved, grabbing your bag and heading towards the door.

"See you tomorrow, y/n! " you saw him wave from the pit and you grinned, giving him one more small wave before heading out into the main entrance to leave.

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