Punishment Mashton

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Okay so this is gonna have a daddy kink. 👍👍 Ready set go..
Ashton's POV:
I heard loud moaning coming from Michael's room, Luke and Calum came into my room not so long ago cause Michael was loud and the two young boys hated loud sounds.

"Daddy." Luke said to me, I looked down to the boy on my chest, Cal was right next to me, one of my arms wrapped around him, the other caressing Luke's beautiful hair.

"Yes baby." I said to him.

"What is Michael doing to that girl he brought home?" He asked me looking so innocent and scared.

"He's being a bad boy, he's banging the pretty girl. He's gonna get punished for it after she leaves and you're gonna stay here with Calum." I told him.

"Daddy, are you gonna punish him the same way you punished me when I stole Calum's candy?!" He asked scared, I punished him, but not as bad as I'm gonna punish Michael.

"No Luke. It's gonna be worse, much worse." I told him, I saw tears well up in his eyes.

"Please don't hurt him Daddy!" He told me tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Shh baby. It'll be okay. He's gonna be fine, you stay here." I told him, I softly pecked his lips and moved his hair from his face.

"Daddy, when you take care of Mikey, I'll stay here with Lukey and make sure he's okay, just please be careful with our Mikey." Calum whispered into my shoulder softly. I heard the door open and small giggles being exchanged.

"Okay. I'll be right back my babies." I got off the bed and Luke rolled into Calum's arms, the two shirtless boys looked so adorable, Calum caressed Luke's back and Luke dug his head into the crook of Cal's neck. I walked out the room and saw Michael walk into his. I knocked on the door and heard him mumble "shit."

"C-come in." He said, stuttery little Mikey is gonna get it. I walked into the room, Michael was covered in his covers smiling widely, his hair was a mess, he looked so sweaty.

"Why so sweaty luv??" I asked him with a small smirk.

"U-um I-Im hot." He stuttered out.

"LIAR!" He trembled at my words.

"D-daddy I'm not lying." He stuttered out with a couple tears falling down his cheeks.

"THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL YOUR COVERS ON!!" I yelled and yanked the blanket off of him. There were hickeys all over my baby's chest. He pulled the cover back on and whimpered into it.

"MICHAEL! WE HEARD YOU AND THAT SLUT! LUKEY WAS CRYING AND CALUM WAS TO! YOU SCARED MY BABIES!" I yelled, he stopped whimpering and wiped the tears off his face.

"Y-your babies? I thought I was your baby." He said to me scared.

"No. Michael, you're a bad boy. You know what happens to bad boys?" I asked him, he nodded, his eyes full of terror.

"D-daddy. P-please, no, Lukey says it hurts." He said to me.

"Heh. Oh Mikey, you're punishment is gonna be much much worse, and maybe if you're a good boy, I'll give you a treat." I told him, he nodded with a smirk.

"Oh Daddy, you're gonna scare Lukey and Cal. You're gonna make them cry. You can't make me cry cause I'm a big boy." My heart aches at his words I pulled him off the bed so we were face to face.

"Michael. You will never be a big boy, you always make fucking mistakes, you always fuck everything up. You were never my favorite, you know that right, you always misbehaved, and you used to bully my baby Luke." I told him with a small growl, as I gripped onto his wrists, I saw him fighting the tears.

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