His First Time (Karl X Reader)

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HEYYY im trying to find motivation

this chap features: corruption kink, power kink, mommy kink, praise kink, degrading kink,  and a submissive karl! :)

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You and Karl have been best friends for years now, he was your for-lifer, the person whose shoulder you could cry on, and someone you loved.

You had invited him over for a movie-night, and as soon as you heard the doorbell ring...

You sprinted down the stairs, practically flying, and took a deep breath before swinging the door open. God, there was that cute face you always looked forward to seeing.

"Hey!" Karl smiled, openly accepting the immediate hug you put him in. You squeezed him tight, relaxing and getting a smell of his scent. He smelled like a fireplace and cologne, a weirdly good and familiar scent. Karl was wearing a gray sweater with black pants.

You pulled away from the hug, letting out a chuckle, "hi". You grabbed his hand, pulling him inside and closing the door. You ran up the stairs, gripping his hand, "Jeez whats the hurry??" He protested.

You just giggled, walking him to your room. You had purple lights that lit up the room, and you were already on Netflix. What Karl didn't know is that your parents weren't home, and they would never have allowed him in your room with the door closed.

He walked in and sat on the edge of the bed, and you closed your bedroom door. You turned around and jumped at him.

"Hey what the--"

"Ive got you now!" You laughed, sitting on top of him.

He grabbed your hips and turned you two over, him being on top now. "Yeah?" he smirked.

You let out a 'hmph', and wiggled away from him. "What do ya wanna watch?" You mumbled, looking at him. He flipped onto his stomach and scooted next to you, meeting your eyes on the screen. "Uhh..."

"Perfect!", You pressed on the remote, which played a movie that was known for having sex scenes, but you didn't think too much of it.

"Um, what is this?" Karl nudged you, sitting up on your bed. You sat up too, getting next to him. "Oh, is this movie okay? I've been wanting to see it." He fidgeted, and nodded.

The first scene of the movie was a sex scene.

Did you know the first scene would be sex? Yes. Yes you did.

You giggled nervously, eyes locked on the screen. When the scene ended, you stretched, leaning back and noticing the pillow placed on Karl's lap. Oh.

"Hey Karl?" You glanced at him.

"Yeah?" He was still focused on the movie.

"Are you a virgin?"

He immediately looked at you, stuttering on his words and his face turning red, "Um, that was very r-random--"

"Are you?"

"Um...", he glanced down at his lap, then back to you, "...yeah." He looked embarrassed. You felt your heart rate pick up, that excited you.

"Don't be embarrassed", you smiled, "Im saving mine for the right person, so I guess we have that in common." You saw him physically relax.

"Do you have any experience in sex stuff?" You trailed a finger on his thigh, noticing his hand grip the pillow. "N-No, other than..."

"Other than... what? Touching yourself?" You sprawled your hand on his upper thigh. His face was bright red, his breathing was heavy and his eyes were half open.

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