Final Goodbye

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*****This is going to be short so********

Oliveria's pov

We all settled in the funeral home one by one I sat next to Arthur. I had been crying a lot lately and I kept to myself too.
Since I was going to give a speech I sat in the front. My parents and siblings in the third row.

What angered me the most was that Maddy and Jake and other people who never payed attention to her were here. No one was forcing them.

They called me up to the stage I walked up the stairs. I sat my speech down on the podium and placed the microphone in front of me .

I looked out at the audience my eyes fell on Jake. He gave me a reassuring smile and for some reason it gave me warmth and hope that everything was going to be alright.

I started, " Hello friends, family, and faculty.... We come together to honor and recognize Anny Lao Wong. She.... was a great friend and teachers would say she was needed a lot." That earned me a laughter.

"The first time I met her I knew in my heart we were going to be friends ,she had this mysterious side to her that I never understood about her until today. It feels like I had known her for years . But it was only 2 months ago. She was like my second me , she knew when I was troubled, she knew when I needed a little pep talk.

She was there.

Today I am here to say that Anny you will be missed by so many of her peers and if you hear me and if you are in this room I love you thank you for everything. " By then I was choking on tears that spilled so freely . " I felt arms around my shoulders I looked up to her mother .

I was grateful for her help.

We stood outside in the cold rain many with umbrellas over there heads some with coats. I stood cold as ever. Then someone put their coat around me. Jake stoodmthere with a sympathetic smile. "You're going to make it."

Then I watched as Anny was lowered into the ground I couldn't do it I rushed to her coffin ad put my hand on it.
"Goodbye Anny goodbye Wong ." I blew a kiss and se was soon so deep they started to fill the crest with dirt.

I buried my face in Jacob's chest and sobbed quietly.

That was it this was the final goodbye .

The rain started to fall freely and heavily. People started to leave.

I kneeled down and wept so much that the sky cried with me.

Arthur and Jake looked at each other , Jake asked for permission, Arthur nodded at kissed me on cheek.

Jake wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up to the car.
"Take her home ." He ordered, I couldn't protest so I let him sit next to me.

We drove home as I wept strongly.

Good bye Anny Wong.

Good bye.

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