Come with me

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After he brings me in, He take me to his room. 

"What happened?"

"He got mad." I feel sick and dizzy.

"You look horrible, you need to go to the hospital."

"No, hospital." I fall back on the bed and pass out. When I wake, I'm in a very comfortable bed all tucked in. It so nice, I feel arm around my waist. I roll over and there is MGK, fast asleep. I feel safe so I snuggle back up to him and fall asleep. When I wake up again, MGK is gone. I decide to wake up. When I get to the bathroom, My face looks worse then last night. I wash up my face and change. I leave Colson's room and head up stairs. I see MGK on the phone. I sit on the couch. He finishs up his phone call and sit with me. 

"Good morning."

"Good morning, your face looks a little better."

"Don't lie, It looks worse." I push him.

"Shawn came by earlier." My face goes pale and I get scared.


"Don't worry. I told him you are with me now and to leave you alone. He tried acting all tough and I punched him. He is lucky I didn't do more." 

"Wow, thanks. You didn't have to do that." He shook his head and put his arm around me.

"Yes I did. Once I saw you and heard your beautiful voice. I knew I had to help." I almost cry when I hear that. It nice when someone shows they care.

"Thank you, MGK." I hug him.

"You can call me Colson if you want. So how did you end up with someone like that?"

"It's a long story."

"We got time." I smile

"Okay, I used to live in Akron with my parents and 4 sliblings. I was a good kid played soccer got good grades then my friend and I tried coke. I was hooked, I started skipping school and soccer, started stealing from people at school and my family. I started going to jail. My parents always got me out and tried getting me help but I just didn't want to stop. Then right before my 18th birthday, I ran away to Chicago where I tried meth. I loved it cheaper than coke and a better high. When I came home. I decide to stay clean and I graduated but started using shortly after. I loved meth more than my family so my parents kicked me out. I started hitching rides and ended up here in Cleveland. I stayed with people here and there then when I was 19 I met Shawn and he helped me out. I loved him even when he beat me. It was the drugs. I got clean and stopped using Meth back on 21st birthday and it will be a year next week on my 22nd birthday. 

"Come on tour with me."

"What? Are you nuts?"

"No, I love your voice. You can help me sing on stage plus you won't have to deal with that dead beat."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, please come with me."

"Okay." He hugs me.

"I'm going to keep you safe." We stare at each other and I kiss him. I feel him kiss me back.

"Show me your singing."

"What would you like me to sing?"

"Hmm, do you know my song Invincible? 

"Kinda, Shawn listened to you a lot." He pulls out his phone and play the instrumental. I try to remember the words.

"Voice in the air, l hear em, loud and clear, telling me to listen. Whispers in my ears. Nothinng can compare, I just want to listen." He smiles, my voice is a little rusty.



Hoped you enjoyed

xoxo Ana

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