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The honeymoon trip for Natalie and Mark right after the wedding, was well spent all day in bed. Mostly because they took a trip to the mountain and it was a little too cold for them to do anything. And then they just were all over each other, getting too lazy to move from bed. Their last morning there, Mark had woken up earlier than Natalie. He wanted to prepare theirs things, so they could spend the rest of the day carefree. So the little time he had he also ordered breakfast. He thought that Natalie would have woken up with all that sound, but she was still sleeping peacefully.

Mark sat at the side she was lying down. He gently caressed the hair out of her face. The thoughts in his mind ran wild. Everything he ever wanted was right in front of him, and for a moment he felt the need to pause this. He wanted to stay in the moment when he watched her sleep, when he was holding her in his arms. Just so he knew that nothing bad would ever happen to her again, and now there was a whole person in her, it was still a little seed, but he could already picture holding his baby. He didn't care how it looked like, the only thing he wanted was for it to be healthy and he just secretly hoped that it would have Natalie's eyes. 

Mark's lips left soft kisses on her face. "Wake up, sleepy head." He whispered inside her ear. Natalie only hummed in reply and she slowly opened her eyes, seeing her smiling husband looking down at her. "Breakfast is served by our hot tub and it has a very snowy view. I know you're gonna love it."

"It snowed?" Natalie's voice was raspy from having just woken up. She tried to look outside from the window but the curtains were blocking the view. Mark had made sure to keep the curtains closed so the light wouldn't disturb Natalie's sleep. Natalie sat up and wrapped her arms around Mark's shoulder. "Hi." She whispered and hid her face in the crook of her neck.

Mark hugged her back, with his arms on her waist. "Hi." He chuckled and kissed the back of her head. "Wanna grab your swimsuit and join me in the hot tub?"

"Do I really need the swimsuit?" Natalie questioned when she pulled back. She gave Mark a suggestive look.

"I mean, it's gonna be just the two of us. So it won't be necessary." Mark shrugged like he didn't care. 

Natalie's face broke into a big smile. "I thought so."

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The next morning Mark and Natalie were back in Seattle. Back at work, back at reality. And Natalie's reality was a little bit harsh that morning, because she was found some blood in her panties, which resulted to her visiting the OB. She was waiting for the eighth week to do that, knowing that she was not going to hear a heartbeat just yet. So she was having her first ultrasound next week and Mark was so excited about it. 

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