Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

"Who is that boy? And why are you in hospital? You should be home doing your homework!" Mum muttered in my ear, poking, or more like ounching my cheek. I blinked my eyes, to retrieve water into them, as I felt someone move beside me. 

"Ermmm, mum? Is that you?" I mumbled, wanting to approached the warmth coming from about a millimetre away, but I felt that if I did go near the warmth, mum would start a hissyfit or something.

"Yes! And why are you in the hospital?" Mum snickered, as I looked up to her, she stood right in front of my face, it scared me, with her arms crossed, and her teeth were gnawed into her flash inside of her mouth.

"Oh. Ummm, hospital? What are you talking about?" I looked around, finding myself in an unfamiliar place. I stared at the light pink painted walls, and slowly, I heard a beeping sound, coming from a machine near by. Suddenly, it hit me, hospital, fainting, Drew. "Oh, right, hospital." I muttered.

"YES! And what is this... "boy" doing on your hospital bed? Who is he?" Mum angry said. She didn't even care to whisper, which then woke the person near me up. He shook around, and opened his eyes, then blinking a few times, until he realised where he was. I geuss it hit him, that my MOTHER was in the room. Jumping up from the bed, he hurried towards the hospital door, taking his jacket from the chair, and rushing out.

"Erm, Drew? Oh, no, don't think I'm dating him, I don't really even know who he is, ermm, you don't need to worry, I dont' know how he even got into bed with me, we didn't do anything stupid, I got it mum!" I rambled, thinking of what my mum would say to me. I didn't seem that she was happy finding me with a so called "boy", so, I crawled back into the sheet, trying to defend myself before she would probably slap me.

"Good. Now, get up. You are heading home missy!" My mum stormed to the door, fury running through her whole body. I quickly obeyed her, removing my sheets, and tried to find my clothes, which were wrapped in a plastic cover, on the chair where Drew's jacket lay. 

I rushed into the bathroom, and took my time to change, finding my head started to buzz and eyesight became fuzzy after a few seconds of standing up. Going back to Drew's words, I rememeber that he said I fainted, and somehow he had knowledge that I was a YouTuber, and that I was a makeupalley reviewer. Hopefully, he didn't find too much information..... Hopefully.

As I finished changing, with my jumper feeling too heavy on my shoulders, and my jeans feeling harsh and uncomfortable, I sat back down on the hospital bed, taking out my iPod from my bag, updating my email inbox, making sure that I don't have haters sending me emails about not updating my review yesterday. I ran out of the hospital room, knowing that I had to get to school, and try to connect to YouTube, to upload, just in case of people thinking I might die or something. 

I found mum sitting on a couch in the waiting area, and as I came out, I found Drew next to her, and they both were talking.

"That is fabulous. And how long do you think you would pursue the career for?" Mum asked politely.

"Until I receive a higher ended job, I hope I can continue doing what I love" Drew grinned uncomfortably, then found his eyes into mine, as I walked over to the couch, and sitting down. Mum glared at me silently, anger daggers firing through my mind.

"So, you believe that freelancing in photography would be a job to support your life?" Mum's mouth twisted into a small frown, I guess she didn't really like his job. 

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