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I looked around. Someone is here or had been here, but who? I looked around once again. It was hard to see, but the street lights helped out a lot. Things were moved around. Torn. Damaged. Ruined. What the hell happened? Who did this? "Hello?" I said almost a whisper, but anyone that was around could of heard it. I felt someone watching me. It was uncomfortable.

I felt someone breathing down my neck. I turned around frightened. A tall black shadow stood over me. He grabbed my shoulders, but I shrugged him off and was able to get by him. I ran out of the ally. The man grabbed me and I screamed. "Shut the fuck up!" He yelled and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground in pain. Blood coming from my mouth. He kicked me the stomach and wouldn't stop. I cried out in pain wishing someone was around to stop him, but I knew I was on my own with this one.

"Hey! What the fuck do you think your doing!" I heard someone yell. I opened my eyes to see a black blur rushing toward us. My vision was starting to go black. The man stopped kicking me to see who was yelling at us. "It's not any of your damn business!" The man yelled back at him. I heard them fighting. I was trying to stay awake, and alive. I was loosing a lot of blood, and air. He kick my ribs hard a couple times. I heard someone run off, and sirens in the background. I felt arms wrap around me.

"Don't close your eyes. Try your best to stay awake!" I heard a voice say. I tried. I really did, but its hard. I kept going in and out. "You can do it! Just stay with me!" I heard the voice speak once again. Who was this man? I knew it wasn't my father, and I didn't have a brother. Well, not that I know of. My father would just laugh at this. Call me pathetic for not fighting back. Call me weak for being in tears cause of this pain.

I felt myself be picked up. I tried to open my eyes once more. A white and red square truck with flashing lights on it sat there all in a blur. I heard footsteps rushing over. I felt myself being placed down, and lifted into a truck I'm guessing.

I closed my eyes. I couldn't hang on anymore. "No don't you have to keep fighting!" I heard the same voice say before the darkness pulled me in.

I'm sorry mister, but I'm out of breath. I can't go on.


Ello beautiful readers! How is it so far? I hope you like it(: Keep reading and enjoy :D




Shy Skeleton xx

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