Chapter 20

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Several months later

The dress was beautiful.

It was mainly blue of course, but with the gold to indicate wealth and the white to indicate purity. The top blended against her chest whilst the skirt puffed out below the waist. A gold sash was wrapped around the middle and tightly tied into a bow that one could see. Tulle on the skirt and a petticoat underneath added volume. Lace decorated the end of the sleeves.

Her earrings were sapphire and necklace blue diamond. A tiara sat atop her curls, befitting a soon to be princess.

The bouquet was filled with white roses tied together with a blue bow.

Elizabeth Greystone, soon to be Princess Elizabeth of Lyle Hill.

Eliza sat in the waiting area. She could hear the guests from her room, loud and excited. No expense had been spared for her wedding day. Though Eliza had been told she would have a say it was clear that the Palace organisers were clearly in charge. She bit her lip for the most part and politely agreed until Alex cut in and told them that it was their wedding too. From then on they actually had a say.

She was grateful that Alex had more confidence than she did.

The Brownings and Kellers still weren't happy but Eliza was less bothered about that now. She had what she wanted. She was marrying for love. There was the security and rank that came with it, but she did have the love she always wanted. Alex was the person she wanted to be with with.

She still slipped up and called him 'Your Highness' from time to time. What made her feel uneasy was the fact that others would be saying that to her. She would be Your Highness to them all. They would bow or curtsy to her. Even her own family had to do that in public.

At least she had Alex by her side. The King and Queen had been most helpful too, assuring her that she was well-liked and doing everything right.

All Eliza hoped was that she would be a good royal.

She was alone with her thoughts until someone knocked on the door.

"It's time."

Eliza nodded, brushing her dress down in order to ensure that nothing was on it. For the first part of the ceremony, she was to walk down one part of the castle alone. As she did, servants threw petals behind her to symbolise her walking into a new life. Eliza managed to smile at them as she did.

She was, however, relieved to see her bridesmaids as they readied to walk her the rest of the way.

It had been obvious who she would pick. Alice, Bea, Hannah and Rose all wore the traditional silver gowns of the bride's maidens. They all curtsied before her before picking up a corner of her veil.

Her two best friends and her two sisters. What girl could ask for better?

A little while longer and they arrived outside the chapel. Lord Jonathan was waiting outside, beaming at his beautiful daughter. He kissed her on the cheek and whispered his admiration for her.

That's when the doors opened.

The band started up the procession music. Eliza gripped her father's arm tightly as she made her way down the aisle. The nobility all watched her as she did but Eliza did not wish to look at them. She stared straight ahead until he was finally in vision.

Alex beamed at her from the other end of the aisle, handsome in his royal regalia. Eliza felt her heart swell with love as she saw the man who would be her husband in only minutes.

His wife. Her husband.

Marianne and Eddie smiled from their seats beside the King and Queen. Eliza noticed how Eddie's gaze slid over to Alice. The two seemed to have gotten closer over the course of the past few months. She wouldn't be surprised if a courtship was announced soon.

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