Chapter 5

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Ashton and I sat on my bed, an episode of American Horror Story on the TV. "I ship Tate and Violet so hard," I murmured, my eyes fixed on the screen. "Me too," Ashton whispered, his focus on the scene currently playing.
"Want something to drink?" I asked in between episodes. "Yes please," Ash grinned. I returned the smile, making my way to the kitchen and coming back with two bottles of water.
"I'm kind of glad this show doesn't have a happy ending. It would've been too cliché," Ashton stated as the season ended. My eyes widened slightly, bringing back unwanted memories.

"I wish you weren't so stupid. God, Jade, happy endings don't exist. Did you really think you were going to get one?" Chris, my now ex, stated, rolling his eyes. "I thought you were different," I mumbled, fresh tears coating my cheeks. "Tough luck, honey," he spat. I could smell the alcohol on him as he came closer. He raised his arm, his hand coming in contact with my cheek, causing me to stumble backwards.
-end flashback-

"Jade, are you okay?" Ashton asked, snapping me out of my daze. I could see the confusion in his eyes. I released a breath I didn't know I was holding before nodding, looking back at him. "Yeah, I'm fine." "Are you sure? You don't look so good..."
"I said I'm fine, Ash!" I snapped at him. "I'm sorry..I didn't mean to yell at you," I sighed. He smiled in return. "Listen, Jade. I um..I really like you a lot, and well...I want to tell you my secrets. My fears, my dreams, everything. Can you do the same?" I nodded, unable to construct a proper sentence seeing as my inner fangirl was screaming. "Okay, cool. I'll start. My deepest secret is that I accidentally walked in on Luke's mum naked and nobody knows to this day. Well, no one but you now. My biggest physical fear is heights, but I have an emotional fear of being alone in life. My biggest dream is...well...I'm living it," he grinned widely at his last few words, and I couldn't help but smile along with him. "Okay, your turn." I sighed, not prepared for this. "My biggest secret is...Um...I moved here to forget about my ex boyfriend, Chris. To try and start over. My biggest physical fear is spiders, but my emotional one is never finding true happiness. My dream is to become a successful actress," I looked down, nervous of what he might say. Of course, he focused on the one thing I was praying he wouldn't. "What happened with your ex?" I sighed, deciding to tell him. Hell, maybe it would feel good to get it off my chest. "He was very abusive, physically and mentally. He drank a lot. Regardless of everything he did, I never forgot the person he was when I fell in love with him. I loved him with every fiber of my being because I knew one day, he would be the Chris I fell in love with. One day, I came home from work and all my stuff was on the front porch. I walked inside and there he was, standing there with his arm wrapped around my cousin. He informed me that he had been cheating with her our entire relationship, and I was devastated. He told me how worthless I was, and I couldn't take it. So I packed up, flew to Australia, and here I am."

-Ashton's POV-

Shit. Shit shit shit. Now what? I couldn't use a girl who's so damaged already. I wasn't that big of an asshole. I consoled her, then we parted ways. I needed some air.

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