chapter 58

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Taehyung's vision was surrounded by nothing but darkness. He felt hands on his shoulders, another on his waist and he was trembling. There was no air caressing his face so he assumed that they were already inside a building. Hands guided him for what seemed like hours.

"Careful now, there's a step", he heard a voice, Jimin's. The scared little puppy whimpered when he nearly stumbled. Jimin caught the stumbly boy, feeling Taehyung's small body tremble in his hold.

Two men were helping to guide Taehyung through the building, trying their best not to squeal because they were holding the boss' sweetheart. The male was indeed gorgeous and all of them were excited to have him here, also anxious because protecting him was the first task now.

"It's not far, Angel and then you can take off the blindfold. I can run you a hot bath to relax in, would you like that, hm?", Jimin asked Taehyung kindly, glancing at the gorgeous male by his side. Taehyung was absolutely stunning and possessiveness ran through Jimin's veins.

He did not want to share. Especially not with his enemies.

Taehyung only whimpered again, his tears have soaked the blindfold and he was scared of what was yet to come.

"Sh sh, it's okay", the gang leader shushed his angel gently, excitement buzzing in his veins. His angel was finally with him and this time, he was going to make Taehyung fall in love with him too.

The men guided a scared puppy through their headquarters, passing surprised and interested looking gang members who stopped their work in order to look at Jimin's darling boy. The boy looked tiny in the middle of these buff men, flinching with every new sound.

"Get back to work", Jimin barked at the staring gang members who quickly busied themselves again, trying not to anger their temperamental boss further who only snarled one more time before taking Taehyung away quickly.

He brought Taehyung to his personal quarters, parting with the two men since no one was allowed to enter his personal space. No one besides himself and now, Taehyung.

Taehyung sobbed shortly when he stumbled against a door frame, whining because his shoulder started to ache and Jimin hurriedly took him to the large bed in the middle of the room in order to untie the blindfold.

Once Taehyung was securely placed on the soft mattress, gentle fingers untied the knot behind his head and he gasped, beautiful puppy eyes flying wide open. He glanced around, hectically.

A whine of submission left his lips when he saw Jimin inches away from his face.

"J-Jimin", Taehyung stuttered out, embarrassed by their position and also because he was afraid.

Afraid that he found Park Jimin attractive when the man has kidnapped him before and when Taehyung had two lovely boyfriends who must be so worried already.

"C-can I call my boyfriends now?", Taehyung asked, hopeful. Jimin felt a clench in his chest and he had to turn his head away from the beautiful male who looked up to him with large, hoping puppy eyes.

"Y-you said you w-won't hold me captive", Taehyung whimpered, trying to back away from Jimin and the male let him, for a second.

Before he grabbed Taehyung's wrists and pinned the gorgeous angel back to the mattress. He moved above Taehyung, dragging his wrists with him to pin them above his head.

Taehyung gasped, squirming under Jimin's muscular body.

"And I'm not keeping you captive. But, am I selfish for wishing you'd be mine and mine alone?", Jimin asked, head moving down to face a flabbergasted Taehyung who opened and closed his mouth.

"I-I have two boyfriends", he whispered softly, shuddering when he felt Jimin's free hand wandering over his body, gently caressing his waist, the exposed skin from where his shirt has rode up.

"You deserve three", the gang leader announced and Taehyung as so surprised that he did not know what to reply.

"Y-you kidnapped me before in the intention to hurt me", the blue-haired male then said slowly.

"How can I be sure that you won't try to hurt me another time?", he asked, nudging his chin forward and forcing himself to look into Jimin's dark eyes.

He was met with an intense, deep stare and shrunk under these intense eyes, immediately looking away.

A hand pulled his chin back into Jimin's direction.

"Because I'm too fond of you and would rather hurt anyone else than you. I deeply regret my actions and you agreed to be friends. Now, I ask you to be more for me."

"I've never done this before and I'll possibly never do this again. Because believe me when I say this: I've never felt the way I feel with you. You make me feel alive", Jimin confessed softly, with a warm smile playing on his plump lips and Taehyung gulped.

'What is happening!?', he screamed inside his mind when Jimin bent forward.

"You can stop me", Jimin whispered, lips fanning over Taehyung's, so close to kissing the petit male.

But Taehyung didn't stop him. He was paralyzed, so shocked on what was happening. This day has been rough on Taehyung.

He first became boyfriends with his best friend and his former most disliked person before he was kidnapped by the Kim twins, then kidnapped by none other than Jimin.

The same man who kissed him with such an intensity that made his head spin.

Jimin sucked on Taehyung's bottom lip, softly pressing his tongue over the stinging area because he also nibbled on the plump flesh, resulting in Taehyung to mewl.

Jimin pushed Taehyung further up, hands wandering all over his body and actually releasing his wrists. There were naughty fingers wandering under the hem of Taehyung's shirt but Taehyung was too engulfed to care.

Too engulfed to hear the footsteps outside the door.

Taehyung screamed surprised when the door banged open and Jimin pushed himself off of Taehyung, drawing a gun and pushing the blue-haired male behind him.

His eyes fell on the intruder and his blood ran cold, knowing the man was here for Taehyung.

"Byun", Jimin growled before the metal of the man's gun crashed against his temple and knocked him out.

Taehyung's scream turned high-pitched and he crawled away from the man who turned his attention towards him. It was an elder man, incredibly handsome in his dark tuxedo and who looked weirdly... relieved.

"My Baby, I searched everywhere for you", the man cooed and Taehyung sobbed, confused.

"D-don't hurt me", he whimpered, crawling away.

The man halted, pain in his expression.

"I would never hurt you, especially not intentional", he said heatedly. Taehyung shook his head confused.

"Who are you? W-why did you hurt Jimin?", he demanded to know.

The man's eyes became soft.

"Sweetheart, I am your father. You're my son, Taehyung and I've finally found you."



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