chapter 57

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We're nearing the end


"What the fuck happened here?", Jungkook's and Yoongi's heads snapped towards the reason for that sound. It was Hoseok, standing in the door frame, looking incredibly confused. But upon seeing the other two's frightened faces, his demeanor changed, now knowing that something must've happened.

"Talk to me or I'm not afraid to beat the truth out of you", Hoseok said, walking fully inside the apartment that seemed tidy, but empty.

"Why is Taehyung not here?", Hoseok asked, their silence making him furious.

"Fucking answer me", the gang leader now hissed, staring at his spy. But it wasn't Yoongi to answer him.

"Taehyung was kidnapped. I assume the Kim twins", Jungkook said swiftly, ending the phone call he had with one of his men, ordering them to find Taehyung as soon as possible.

Horrible things the Kim twins would do to Taehyung crossed Jungkook's mind, he was scared to think of these possibilities.

Yoongi unfroze, he has previously stared into space but he now jumped into action, grabbing his own phone and ignoring Hoseok's shouts of confusion and anger.

"We don't know much too! We wanted to pick him up for a date, only to find him gone and the neighbor told us that two men, the Kims, came here!", Jungkook shouted irritated at Hoseok.

Hoseok lost it by these words, possessiveness bubbling up in him.

"You wanted to take him on a date too?! He's meant to be mine", the man seethed, causing Jungkook to explode now.

"He's not yours! Taehyung is my boyfriend!", the raven yelled back at Hoseok.

"And my boyfriend", Yoongi added quickly, own possessiveness bubbling up because Taehyung belonged to him too.

"What the fuck?! I'm still trying to make him mine though", he spoke confidently and Jungkook snarled at him.

"He has two boyfriends."

"Well, he deserves three. And I bet Park is after his ass too. That fucker is as possessive as we are, Jeon, he would use every chance he has to get him", Hoseok pointed out and Jungkook huffed, on the urge to reply a snappy response.

But Yoongi's voice beat him to it.

"My men found the Kim's car, there's an ambulance with them. Namjoon has apparently been shot", Yoongi said towards them, phone still pressed against his ear.

"Tell them to prepare and check the surroundings. Find Taehyung under any circumstances and make sure he's safe. I'll be coming soon, yes, tell them Agust D is coming for their asses if they dared to hurt him", Yoongi said before ending the call.

He only then realized his mistake, cursing under his breath.

"Fuck", he mumbled, knowing he got himself caught because he slipped, forgetting that two others were in the room as well.

"WHAT THE FUCK?? YOU ARE AGUST D?? OLIVIN'S LEADER??!", Jungkook yelled bewildered while Hoseok stalked towards Yoongi, grabbing the man by his throat to slam him into the wall. Yoongi wheezed, caught off guard but he was a fighter and got himself out of Hoseok's grip.

"You traitor", Hoseok yelled at him.

"You work for me, I gave you the name and power you have today! And you dare betray me like that?? Creating an own gang and going against me??!", Hoseok yelled at Yoongi who didn't react, staring into space before his eyes turned hard.

"Do you want to scream about my profession or get back the boy you claim to love?", Yoongi asked with a death glare.

The brutal silence filled with hatred and mistrust he received was answer enough.


Arriving at the car crash scene was nothing Jungkook ever wanted to experience again. The fear inside of him was breathtaking and he couldn't stop thinking that Taehyung was there, scared, kidnapped and injured.

It drove Jungkook wild upon seeing Seokjin and his brother, who was getting stitched up by a medic, their own of course while the rest of their men cleaned the area and kept peasants away from the scene. The Gang leader got out of the car as soon as it stopped, Hoseok in the driver's seat protesting but he also spotted the twins and rage overtook him.

These fucking assholes were responsible for the disappearance of his prince. Oh, Hoseok was going to make them pay.

" WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?? WHERE IS OUR TAEHYUNG?!", Hoseok bellowed as he approached the twins, Seokjin having a bandaged shoulder and Namjoon immediately jumped to his feet, standing in front of his brother protectively.

Multiple guns were aimed at the twins and the twins' own guards pointed their guns at the newcomers, creating a circle of violence. Namjoon stared at Hoseok, saw Jungkook and Yoongi with him which made him understand what was going on.

The lovers came for their precious doll and Namjoon grit his teeth. The cute male belonged to them! Taehyung was their Baby and no one else's!

"He is not with us!", Seokjin hissed once he noticed the danger they were in and tried to sit up which was really difficult with one bandaged arm. Yoongi glared at the elder Kim twin.

"Then who the fuck took him?!"

"Park fucking Jimin."



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