Chapter 7

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Namine held a warm cup of tea to her lips as she looked over the belongings she had been organizing in her large suitcase. It was a cool Wednesday night, and she couldn't believe that tomorrow night she'd be in the tropical Destiny Islands with Kairi. When Kairi had called her, she had nearly squealed into the phone with excitement at the invitation. Asking for a few days off from work was a bit of an ordeal at the art museum, but she managed to get her supervisor to agree to the last minute vacation.

Well, it was a vacation for Namine at least. She knew Kairi would have to do some networking and vlogging while they were at the convention but otherwise, the time spent there was their own to do with as they pleased! Other than the convention, Namine was hoping to take a swim in the ocean, try some different restaurants, and take some time to relax. Maybe she'd bring along her sketchpad... Namine tossed in a travel-sized sketch book and a small pencil case that held some charcoal pencils.

Feeling that she finally had everything she needed packed, she eyed her laptop that was still sitting on her desk. She hadn't played Heart of Worlds since she returned home from the sleepover with Kairi. She had actually really enjoyed playing with the Kingdom Hearts clan... particularly with Godric, Sora's brother. Her heart squeezed a bit at the thought of him. Oh what the heck, may as well get on and see if anyone is playing. Kairi probably is. Namine opened her laptop and set her cup of tea aside.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Lumi

Password: ********


New Message from: Godric

I had a great time chatting with you the other night Lumi. I know you're offline right now but I'd like to talk to you again really soon. - Roxas.

Namine blushed as she realized he had signed the message with his real name. Now she knew a little of what Kairi must have felt for Sora. It was a little exciting to have someone waiting for you, and the mystery of Roxas did feel enticing. But Namine preferred to play things safe; too many unknowns. She sipped her tea and decided she could be friends with Roxas, but nothing more... and then she heard the ping of a HoW message. "Just friends," she reminded herself, no matter how fast her heart would beat when she read his name.

[Godric to You]: Hey Lumi! I saw you online. I was wondering if you wanted to do some skilling or something with me. If you're cool with it.

[You to Godric]: Hey Roxas! I got your PM. I'm down to do some skilling. By the way... I'm Namine. It's only fair that you know my name since I know yours now. :)

[Godric to You]: What a pretty name. :) It means "ocean wave" right? So why'd you pick Lumi as your character name? Namine would have been pretty cool too.

[You to Godric]: Yep! I have always felt a connection to the moon... Maybe since the moon is connected to the ocean. I'm not really sure haha. I must sound silly.

[Godric to You]: ...Wow. It's not crazy at all. That's so deep, Nami. Can I call you Nami? It seems to fit lol.

[You to Godric]: Thanks. Of course you can. My cousin calls me that all the time. xD

There was no way Roxas had any idea of the butterflies this little interaction was giving her. Maybe she'd make more of an effort to play HoW now... But Roxas didn't need to know that. They were just friends. No crushes here, nope, none. Maybe if she thought it enough she'd believe it.

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