Chapter 6

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Kairi held Namine's hand as they walked to the train station Sunday evening. Kairi toted Namine's backpack on her shoulders as Namine held her suitcase in her free hand. Neither said anything as they walked into the nearly-empty train station. Kairi gave Namine's hand a soft squeeze as she looked at the train waiting to take Namine back home.

Namine finally broke the comfortable silence as she pulled Kairi in for a hug. It didn't feel quite as embarrassing this time since there wasn't anyone around to see. "I'll miss you. We need to do this again soon." She closed her eyes and hugged Kairi a little tighter.

Kairi returned her tight hug, rubbing Namine's back. She finally pulled away and handed Namine her backpack. "I'll miss you too. I promise we'll see each other again soon." She tucked some loose strands of blonde hair behind Namine's ear and patted her head. "Text me when you get home."

Namine rolled her eyes but smiled. "I will. Be careful walking back." Namine gave her a small wave and started to make her way to the train. Just as she crossed the threshold and turned back to give Kairi a final wave, she heard her yell, "I LOVE YOU!"

Namine's cheeks flushed and she turned away without responding. She quickly made her way to her seat, sat down and pulled out her phone. She sent a text to Kairi that said "I love you too. Now stop embarrassing me in public, dumbie." Kairi just sent back a smiley face, knowing full well what she had done.

Kairi leisurely made her way back to her apartment. The sun was setting, casting a beautiful orange glow across the cityscape. As much as she disliked the city sometimes, it had its good days.

Once Kairi was back home, she logged into her work account to check her schedule for the week. Sometimes she would put in a couple of hours of work on the weekend, but today she was actually looking to see when she could set up that interview with Sora. She grabbed a pad of sticky notes and wrote down a couple of different days and times that could work. She could always do the interview from home after hours too if the six hour time difference got in the way.

Kairi decided rather than hopping onto Heart of Worlds to message Sora about scheduling the interview, she'd send him an email and ask for his availability. It would be a little more professional, she thought. She quickly wrote up an email, separate from the one with their pictures attached, and made sure she added her email signature which included her phone number. Most people liked to call or text even when it came to professional formalities.

Kairi didn't want to wait long for a reply, but the notification wasn't an email. It was a text from a number she didn't recognize, but the sender made their identity clear in their text.

 It was a text from a number she didn't recognize, but the sender made their identity clear in their text

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"Video chat??" Kairi said out loud. Oh shit. After she texted back a hasty reply, she began quickly cleaning up her room, pulling outfits from the closet, and dumping her makeup bag onto her bed. She wanted to look professional, but also she wanted to look good for him. She bit her lip. Pictures were one thing, but talking over a webcam was another.

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