Author's Note

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Hey guys,

I know, I know. No one likes to read a stupid author's note at the very start of a book they've just decided to give a try. So, I'm gonna keep this short and to the point. Please read it. Pretty please?

This book is unedited. Now you'll say, that's no surprise. Isn't that the case with every other book in here? Well, it is. In fact, there is this other book I'm currently working on and it's unedited too! 

Anyway, the main point of this note is...

You can read the edited version of this book now! It is available on NovelCat. It is still in the process of being updated but you'll get regular updates there. I tried my best to correct all the typos and grammatical errors in the new version. Also, edited a lot of scenes that I thought could be improved, gave some characters a little more depth and added a few (or maybe a little more than a few) new scenes.

So, you could go ahead and read this version or you could go to NovelCat and give the edited version a try. Either way, I'll be very thankful to you for reading, voting or commenting on my book.

Here is the link to make your search easier.

I hope you have a great read!

Lots of love!


P.S. Does this note sound like an ad?
       Was it short enough?

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