We had made it to the hotel after an hour. I was so happy that I got a second chance to see them. I entered the hotel room and I was so tired I went to sleep with the clothes I had on. I was woken up by Jennifer.

Jennifer: Good Morning Gabby.
Gabby: Why are you up so early?
Jennifer: It's 2 in the afternoon.
Gabby: I have 2 hours to get to the airport I need to pack everything!       Jennifer: Justin told me to get ready like an hour ago but I didn't know why.
Gabby: Stop standing there if we dont hurry we might miss our flight. 
Jennifer: How much time do I have to change?
Gabby: As fast as you can. Pero mija apurate!
Jennifer: Ya me apuro.

Since New York was getting cold  I decided to wear my white skinny jeans, a blue tee that said Trophy Stacking with my black converse. Jennifer I could tell that she was a fashionista. She wore a pink floral shirt with a mini skirt but she decided to change into some pink leggings and she put on some light brown combat boots. we both decided on buns but she wanted it to be nice and neat and I wanted it messy. We had our suitcases ready and we were waiting for Justin and now I was glad that our hotel was near the airport. I grabbed Justin's suitcase and it wasn't there. I called him and he didn't answer.

Jennifer: I think Justin left his phone.

I grabbed his phone and saw random number. He had been texting someone. I wasn't a jealous type of girl but concered me that he was talking to someone and going out with them without telling anything. I called the person and they answered it was a womes voice. 

Women: Hello?
Gabby: Who are you?
Women: I am Gabby. Justin's girlfriend.
Gabby: No your are not I am and tell me now who are you.
Women: Fine I am Stephanie Johnson and I am his ............

I began to cry. I didnt know what was happening. I checked his messages and it said to meet him at the nearest Starbucks. I ran to Starbucks with my suitcase and following me was Jennifer. I saw Justin and he was talking to a women with big red lips. I saw that she got up and kissed him on the cheek and she hugged him. I entered and he saw me and he ran after me. He caught up to me and grabbed my hand. 

Justin: Gabby it is not what it looks like.

Gabby: It looks like you were cheating on me. AGAIN!

Justin: Gabby I love you not her.

Gabby: Who is she then?

Justin: When I was younger I lived here but then I moved. I was in love with her and she was in love with me. She found out that I was here and she wanted to be with me and I told her everything.
Gabby: Really?
Justin: Why would I be with you all this time if I was just going to cheat on you.
Gabby: You cheated on me before and I am not going back.
Justin: Gabby I love you and I wont cheat on you ever again.
Gabby: Really?
Justin: Yeah
Gabby: We have to go.
Justin: Where?
Gabby: Back home babe.
Justin: Right right.

I was feeling guilty that I had accused him of cheating. I wanted to buy him a present. I know a present won't help but it the least I can do. I told him to go to the airport and I will meet him there. I saw this jewelry shop and you saw this watch and it was perfect. I didn't have any cash only his credit card. Then I remembered that I had my emergency money and I had about $3,500 in my suitcase. I saw the the lady and she was staring at me.

Saleswoman: May I help you miss?
Gabby: Yes May I get this watch?
Saleswoman: This is a wonderful watch and it's perfect for that special someone.
Gabby: Well it is for my special someone.
Saleswoman: This watch costs $3,400 plus $50 for taxes and $40 for insurance if you want.
Gabby: Yeah it do want the insurance and here is the money.
Saleswoman: Ok miss it will be $3,490
Gabby: I only have cash is that ok?
Saleswoman: You have that amount of money in cash?
Gabby: Yeah.
Saleswoman: Okaaayyyy.
Gabby: Is there a problem?
Saleswoman: Yes there is if you carry this much money here you can get arrested.
Gabby: I don't have that money on a credit card, I only had cash and I don't have time to go to an atm or the the bank because my flight leaves in less than an hour.
Saleswoman: Listen since I find you nice and sweet I won't call the cops on you but dont do that again.
Gabby: Thanks.

I grabbed the watch and I ran to the airport and I saw that I only had 10 minutes to get to then airport. I ran as fast as I can . I end up tripping and falling on my suitcase and the watch goes flying and someone catches it. I saw it was Justin standing there and he caught the watch. He was staring at the black box and he saw that it was for him. How? There was a tag that said
For my love Justin from Gabby.
He opened the box and saw that I bought the watch and I see that he had tears in his eyes. He gives me his hand a lifts me up. He hugs me tightly and he lifts my chin and kisses me. I put my arms on his shoulders and he wraps his arm around my waist.

Justin: Gabby, I love you
Gabby: I love you too Justin.
Justin: I want you to meet my family.
Gabby: Yes of course.
Jennifer: Hello? We have a flight.

We started to run to the airport we had to have our luggage check it took about 5 minutes. We saw the lady leaving.

Gabby: Wait!!!!
Lady: Your late.
Gabby: Please we need to get on that plane.
Lady: Fine.

I saw her grab her waki talki and told them to wait 5 minutes. She took our tickets and we went to sit on our seats. I got the window seat. Justin sat next to me and Jennifer got the aisle seat.

Gabby: Jennifer ready to meet your new family.
Jennifer: I am so ready.
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