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"Goodbye, McKenna," Rose waved at me with that genuine smile plastered on her face. She was capable of smiling, even through the tough times. I can't believe she could do that, but I wish I could do that too.

I waved back, not wanting to speak right at the moment. Opening the door, I quickly walked to the direction of my house, where I was living with my Mom. I would live with my own father, I would, but he practically kicked me out and I had nowhere else to stay other than with our Mom.

Wouldn't be a surprise that I said our instead of my. That would show disrespect--not like I show respect all the time--to the own brother I have. He wouldn't help or support me when our father was kicking me out. I know how he is, and I'm perfectly fine with that. He always has this thing where he 'doesn't want to go on an adventure.' It would be too stressing, too much pressure, and the last time he did that, he was made to make paper hats.

It was funny. I still have the coffee addiction that he has, but he keeps twitching and I'm just the calm one. He always had someone to calm him down, and it was only one certain boy.

You probably know who he is. Either way, I'm Tweek's twin sister.


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