Shattered Heart

9 1 1

I saw you today,
your lifeless eyes
connected with mine.
My entire body became rigid.
I thought back to happier
times, like the moment we met.
You flashed a perfect smile,
And I let out a nervous laugh.
I was only sixteen,
and I thought there wasn't
a chance that a guy like you
could ever fall for a girl like me.
My nose was always
stuck in a book,
and your heart was on the stage.
I should have known better.
When those girls would
cry over you,
I wouldn't listen.
But I should have.
You were kind to me,
and intentional,
but only when no one
else was around.
Why did you keep me a secret?
Was I not worthy of being seen
beside you?
I gave you my all,
yet you shattered my heart,
which left a scar
that has been slow to heal.
You have made it difficult
for me to trust any man.
When they try to get close,
I freeze, and I get angry
at myself for allowing your
words to haunt my mind.
Now you are in California,
and could care less about
the damage you've caused.
I have been trying to heal.
But you made me feel so
worthless and unwanted.
It's hard to tell if I will ever be
the same again.
I am not easy to love,
But I pray that one day,
Somebody will take pride
in who I am,
and that they won't keep
me a secret like you did.

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